Today is a blessed day!

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Today has been a very blessed day! I start out every morning when I wake up thanking God for an beatiful day & another day to glorify Him. It is so good to start out the day with the Lord first! It makes a different in how you do things through out the day. It funny how when you make a full commitment to your word what can happen. One of the main reasons that I have failed in the past with trying to lose weight is because I was not committed.

I would “try” something then say it didnt work. It was never what I was doing that didnt work it was ME not making a commitment on my word to do what I said.

I always asked myself WHY do you not do the work to get to where you want to go? What are you scared of? I am still not sure of these answers but do know that when you want something bad enough you will do anything to make it happen.

I am getting older not younger & I love helping others. If just one person can find it in themselves to read this and know that when a commitment is made you will see results, it was all worth letting everyone follow me on this journey!

I am gearing up for my video blogging starting tomorrow. Hope that you all will follow me becoming stronger, leaner into my skinny self again! Why do I want to lose weight? So that I can be healthy to hang with my kids. To be able to look in the mirror and love what I see. To be able to always be the one that keeps my husband attention. Most of all to wear my happiness on the outside so that it is contagious to everyone else.

Thanks for stopping by today. May your day be filled with hope, determination and will to know that the Lord is with you every step of the way just take the first step!

See you tomorrow the real work begins!
Much Love & Blessings
Sonya Schroeder


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I am a sinner saved by grace trying to move through this broken world as a wife, mom and homeschooler. I have 3 gorgeous sons {24, 17 & 11} and a wonderful husband of 13 years, that have my heart! I don't have all the answers however sharing my life with you in hopes that it will drawer you closer to Him. I pray that when you leave here you walk away knowing Him better.

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