Being Consistant Will Bring Results

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Hi Friends! Today is Fitness Friday!! Thanks for stopping by today! As you all know I started 5 days ago to lose 20lbs in 35 days! It is going well. I wanted to share with you some tips and ideas for YOU to lose up to 20lbs in 35 days as well!

First thing you want to do is be COMMITTED and have DETERMINATION. These two factors have a huge roll in how we succeed with weight loss or anything we want to get accomplished in our life.

Once you have committed you then need to know what its gonna take to reach the goal and how you are planing on reaching these goals. Give yourself a time line. If you need to add to that time line later that is ok. You want a starting point.

Then you want to see it till the end. Have someone to report to or hold you accountable is another key factor to help you succeed. Now we are ready to come up with a plan to lose 20lbs in 35 days, you ready?

Pick your starting and ending date. Decide what eating plan you are going to be eating and decide how you will get your exercise in whether its with a DVD or going to a gym or even walking in your neighborhood. Then make your schedule for the amount of time you set for yourself. Then you prepare your foods for each week.

Now you are set and ready to go for successful weight loss.

Here is what a schedule looks like for me. Get up by 530, take a shot of PROformance then straight into exercising. I do Bob & Jillain workout tapes from Biggest Loser. Walmart carries them for $9. There enough that you can change them up every day and not get bored. They are about 20-40 min long just what you need to get you pumping for the day. Get my boys up by 630, feed and get them ready for school. I am eating my first meal by 7am. Then my eating goes like this 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 630pm & 9pm if I had a hard late workout. Exercising in the evening is just where ever I can fit it in. Then I got to be by 10-11pm. Then get up and do it all again.

I take Sundays and prepare all my meals like cook my chicken, rice, stemmed veggies, boiled eggs. Things that I can put into containers and just pull out ready to heat up and eat.

Setting your goals, sticking to them, having a plan of action on how to get them accomplished and NOT quitting until you are at the end is the KEYS to success with weight loss.

Now who is ready to LOSE WEIGHT AND GET HEALTHY???

Leave any comments on what you are doing. We would love to keep you accountable.

Serving with Joy

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