Loving our Children the Way God Love us

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Good morning friends, its Treasure Tuesday’s! Hope your having an amazing Tuesday. Join me every Tuesday for great tips on Parenting and Loving our Children the Way God Love us.

Proverbs 22:6
“Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it”

How did last week go with adding in the “Chore Packs” and Daddy Dollars? We are still have some challenges but we will be working through them through out the weeks to get them to fit our family.

Please leave your thoughts on what you did in your household.

We talked about obedience and responsibility now lets talk about helping our children develop a personal relationship with God.

Teaching our children to pray plays a big role. My children see me and my husband talking with God and we pray with them. We read the bible to them every night so they can know who God is.

We want our children to know that praying is more then talking to God its about listening to God as he talks to us. Listening as well as talking, prayer brings us into a relationship with God. The Lord speaks to us when we quietly meditate on His Word and His character. One way we like to get the Word into our children’s heart is by having our children memorize scripture. We do this in 2 ways one we work on scripture together until we have it memorized and the other is our children have to write sentences 5 times each if they dont acceptable behavior and we use scripture as their sentences. It has worked out nicely.

As we read Scripture, then memorize it, then meditate on it, our whole belief system starts to change. The better we know God the better can hear his voice when he speaks to us. We dont hear his words directly but through an amazing peace that fills our heart and gives us confidence that we are acting according to God’s will. There are times we can hear Him through ideas or people we come into contact with. Either way when we perceive God’s communication we are to instantly obey Him.

Thanks for stopping by today! It has been such a blessing to share tips with you every week. Any ideas that you have used please leave feedback for others readers.

Have a blessed day serving God with Joy through your children,

Some helpful tips came from Michelle Duggars book “The Duggars, 20 ad Counting”. Pick up a copy if you dont have one. Its an amazing book to help get you on track to raising a Godly family.

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