The Uncommon Path

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Good Morning friends. Its World Filled Wednesday and I am so blessed to share with you a book I am reading from Kay Arthur, Emilie Barnes & Donna Otto called “Youniquely Woman, Becoming Who God Designed You to Be”.

The Uncommon Path by Donna

All of us begin our journeys with aspirations and desires. But somewhere along the way the trails separate. The common woman moves into a common life. The uncommon woman,however takes another path and becomes all that God intended her to be. The common begin, but the uncommon finish. That’s the one of the thoughts I have repeated to myself through the years. And what is the reason paths separate? What causes one woman to accept an ordinary path into an ordinary life and another to end her story with a great fulfillment and joy?

The path divider is courage.

Courageous choices at the crossroads of life separate uncommon life stories from everyday ones. Im not talking about people living perfect lives. That is impossible. My own story includes a devastating divorce. And while it is still the most painful part of my life (because I know God hates divorce) it is become the driving force behind my passion and my ministry. None of us want to be wounded, hurt or crushed by circumstances. But the positive side is that we have God so big and might He can and will use even hurtful thing to accomplish His purpose.

It is safe to conclude that God has allowed your pain your most difficult circumstances to stir passion in your heart and refine His purpose for your life. My pain motivated me to seek God, who gave me the courage to look beyond the pain and find something positive to do with the lessons I learned. I have spent more then 25 years of my adult life teaching, training and leading young women through an organization I founded called “Homemakers by Choice”. The concepts of courage and commitment weave their way through everything I teach.

For instance, I continually emphasize the need to be woman of our word. When we say yes to something, we need to stand behind that choice. When a woman marries and pledges herself to remain faithful in sickness and in health, till death separates her from her husband, I encourage her to keep that pledge. The pain I endured through my divorce has made passionate about committing to a marriage relationship through think and thin.

Staying true to our promises and commitments takes courage. But guess what? So does making needed changes in our lives. Most of us enjoy a feeling of security, and we like to surround ourselves with the comfort of familiar places and things. There is nothing wrong with such desires, unless the Lord is calling you to take a step of growth, a step of faith, a step into the unknown. Only an abiding trust in the Lord Jesus allows us to leap confidently across a chasm of the unknown so we can jump into His waiting arms.

Just recently I learned a bit about leaping. She was on vacation with her hubby in Costa Rica. They did a climb up a 5 story staircase to the highest treetops. There was no way back down except by a harness with a cable on it. She had to jump down 14 platforms to get to the bottom. Scared to death. It wasnt till after the 4th or 5th platform that she decided this was not so bad and began to enjoy herself.

Every one of us faces a platform in life, and many more than 14. Are you standing on one right now? Yours will be different from mine, your sisters, your mothers, your daughters. But the common element in all of them is the courage needed to trust our God and take those leaps.

Every Wednesday you will learn that the pages from this book will offer you opportunities to make significant choices and changes. If you rise to the challenge, you will be on the road to becoming a “younique” woman of God. The easy choice is simply reading these post every week, file the information in your mind under “interesting thoughts” and never do anything more. The difficult choice is the choice that will put you on an uncommon path, trusting that Lord and taking the leaps we suggest.

“Discipline.” I make no apology for mentioning the “d” wordn here. My life is riddled with started and aborted attempts at spirtual disciplines. To follow through and actually incorporate these into your life will initiate wonderful changes that may positively shape and impact the rest of your days on this side of heaven. But no one is saying it will be easy. John W. Frye asks, “What is a spiritual discipline?” Then he answers, “its simply a human activity that creates a space or setting for God to work.” A space or setting? Couldnt we also say “platform”? To become an uncommon woman you want and need to create these spaces for God to work.

The spirtual disciplines of Bible study, prayer, fasting, solitude, serving, and detachment (letting go of what keeps u from intimacy with Jesus) can become a way of life for a younique woman. AS you continue reading every week you will discover suggestions and specific helps for allowing and building spaces for God to work in your daily life. Yes it takes courage to be intentionaly in your life. It takes courage to choose an uncommon path.

C.S. Lew writes, “Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.” Courage is neccessary to discover God’s design for you.
It takes courage to:

*stick to your communications and even more courage to chose additional commitments that will shape and change you
*to stand up and out as a unique creation of God
*be the woman God created you to be as you live through each life season and seek to please God
*not to compare yourself with women in movies, magazines and books
*swim against the strong current of popular culture
*not to base your life on competition or defensiveness

Living a courageous, character-driven life in uncommon. There are thrills and excitments in being youniquely woman, a woman created in the image of God as His last, best and surely most complex creation.

Dont bend rules to fit your needs. There will be many testing points, and with courage comes the willingness to seek and accept change. In his second letter to believes, the apostle Paul sets forth a life-changing concept: 2 Peter 1:8-9 says “For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.But if anyone does not have them, he is nearsighted and blind, and has forgotten that he has been cleansed from his past sins.”

“Increasing measure.” I understand this to mean that even up to the day before I die, I will accept the need for change and seek direction for that change, with the result that I am “ever increasing” in those areas of life that matter most.

This chapter really spoke to me by letting me know that there is still more the Lord wants me to become and because of lack my of courage I am not moving forward. I will be praying for the Lord guidance to help me have more courage and become the wife, mother and friend that He wants me to be. Totally surrendering to the Lord brings such happiness to Him and changes in to your life. I am ready to become a Younique Woman of God, are you?

How did this chapter speak to your heart today? Share any thoughts with us.

Serving with Joy,

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