5 Love Languages Study Continued

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Good morning friends. Its Marriage Monday! Hope your weekend was blessed. What did you do this weekend to make your marriage a priority? I was out of town all weekend so I did alot of calling and texting to let my hubby know I was thinking of him and missing them.

This weeks Love Language follows last weeks message. I am so excited to hear what the 5 Love Languages are doing for you in your marriage!

Checklist for Acts of Service Love Language:

1.Make a list of all the requests your spouse has made of you over the past few weeks. Select one of these each week and do it as an expression of love.

2.Print note cards with the following: “ Today I will show my love for you by….” Complete the sentence with one of the following: picking up the clutter, paying the bills, fixing something that’s been broken for a long time, weeding the garden. (Bonus points if it’s a chore that’s been put off.) Give your spouse a love note accompanied by the act of service every three day for a month.

3.Ask your spouse to make a list of ten things he or she would like for you to do during the next month, Then ask your spouse to prioritize those by numbering them 1-10, with 1 being the most important and 10 being the least important. Use this list to plan your strategy for a month of love. (Get ready to live with a happy spouse)

4.While your spouse is away, get the children to help you with some act of service for him. When he walks in the door, join the children in shouting “Surprise! We love you!” Then share your act of service.

5.What one act of service has your spouse nagged about consistently? Why not decide to see that nag as a tag? Your spouse is tagging this as really important to him or her. If you choose to do it as an expression of love, it is worth more than a thousand roses.

6.If your requests to your mate come across as nags or put-downs, try writing them in words that would be less offensive to them. Share this revised wording with your spouse. For example: “The yard always looks so nice, and I really appreciate your work. I’d love to thank you in advance for mowing the lawn this week before Julie and Ben come over for dinner.” Your husband might even respond: “Where’s the lawn mower. I can’t wait!” Try it and see.

7.Perform a major act of service like organizing the home office and then post a sign that reads, “To (spouse’s name) with love,” and sign your name

8.If you have more money than time, hire someone to do the acts of service that you know your spouse would like for you to do, such as the yard work or a once-a-month deep cleaning of your home.

9.Ask your spouse to tell you the daily acts of service that would really speak love to him or her. Seek to work these into your daily schedule. “Little things” really do mean a lot.

Have you found yours yet? Have you found your spouses? Please leave your comments on how this book is changing things in your marriage. The next book will be released very soon. I love building our marriages!!

Serving with Joy,

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