5 Love Languages Study Continued

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Good morning friends. Its Marriage Monday! Hope your Resurrection weekend went well. We spent the whole week learning about the “true” meaning of Jesus Christ now we are back for Marriage Monday!! Thanks for tuning in every week! This week does tie in with last weeks Love Languages.

Check List: If your spouse’s love language is Receiving gifts:

1.Try a parade of gifts. Leave a box of candy for you spouse in the morning; have flowers delivered in the afternoon; give him a gift in the evening. When you spouse asks, “What is going on?” you respond, “Just trying to fill your love tank!”

2.Let nature be your guide. The next time you take a walk through the neighborhood, keep your eyes open for a gift for your spouse. It may be a stone, a stick, or a feather. You may even attach special meaning to your natural gift. For example, a smooth stone may symbolize your marriage with many of the rough places now polished. A feather may symbolize how your spouse is the “wind beneath your wings.”

3.Discover the value of “handmade original.” Make a gift for your spouse. This may require you to enroll in a class: ceramics, silver-smithing, painting, wood carving, etc. Your main purpose for enrolling is to make your spouse a gift. A handmade gift often becomes a family heirloom.

4.Give your spouse a gift every day for one week. It need not be a special week, just any week. I promise you it will become “The Week That Was!” if you are really energetic, you can make it “the Month That Was!” No-your spouse will not expect you to keep this up for a lifetime.

5.Keep a “Gift Idea Notebook.” Every time you hear you spouse say, “I really like that,” write it down in your notebook. Listen carefully and you will get quite a list. This will serve as a guide when you get ready to select a gift. To prime the pump, you could look through a favorite online shopping site together.

6.Enlist a “personal shopper.” If you really don’t have a clue as to how to select a gift for your spouse, ask a friend or family member who knows your wife or husband well to help you. Most people enjoy making a friend happy by getting them a gift, especially if it is with your money.

7.Offer the gift of presence. Say to your spouse, “I want to offer the gift of my presence at any event or on any occasion you would like this month. You tell me when, and I will make every effort to be there.” Get ready! Be positive! Who knows, you may enjoy the symphony or the hockey game.

8.Give your spouse a book and agree to read it yourself. Then offer to discuss together a chapter each week. Don’t choose a topic in which you know your spouse has an interest: sex, football, needlework, money management, child rearing, religion, backpacking, your get the idea.

9.Give a lasting tribute. Give a gift to your spouse’s church or favorite charity in honor of her birthday, your anniversary, or another occasion. Ask the charity to send a card informing your spouse of what you have done. The church or charity will be excited and so will your spouse.

10.Give a living gift. Purchase and plant a tree or flowering shrub in honor of your spouse. You may plant it in your own yard, were you ca water and nurture it, or with permission in a public park or forest where others can also enjoy it. You will get credit for this one year after year.

Serving with Joy,

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