5 Love Languages Study Continued

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Good morning friends. Its Marriage Monday! Hope your weekend was blessed. What did you do this weekend to make your marriage a priority? This weekend was a struggle for us. We talked on the phone and texted yet again he was in one place and I was in another. We made it work.

This weeks Love Language follows last weeks message. I am so excited to hear what the 5 Love Languages are doing for you in your marriage!

If your spouse’s love language is Physical Touch: Check list.

Do you know your Love Language yet? Is your Love Tank being filled?
Still more to come to help discover your love language if your not sure what it is….

1.As you walk from the car to go shopping, reach out and hold your spouse’s hand.

2.While eating together, let your knee or foot drift over and touch your spouse.

3.Walk up to your spouse and say, “Have I told you lately that I love you?” Take her in your arms and hug her while you rub her back and continue.” You are the greatest!” (Resist the temptation to rush to the bedroom.) Untangle yourself and move on to the next things.

4.While your spouse is seated, walk up behind her and give her a shoulder massage.

5.When you sit together in church, when the minister calls for prayer, reach over and hold your spouse’s hand.

6.Initiate sex by giving your spouse a foot massage. Continue to other parts of the body as long as it brings pleasure to your spouse.

7.When family or friends are visiting, touch your spouse in their presence. Putting your arm around him as you stand talking, or simply placing your hand on her shoulder says, “Even with all these people in our house, I still see you.”

8.When your spouse arrives at home, meet him or her one step earlier than usual and give your mate a big welcome home. The point is to vary the routine and enhance even a small “touching experience”.

Share how this book has changed things in your marriage?

Serving with Joy,

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