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Good Morning friends. I am blessed that you stopped by today. Its Treasure Tuesday, loving our children the way God loves us.

Its time to turn your TV OFF, put the cell phones AWAY, turn OFF the computer because its “Family Night”! Doing this once a week keeps the family in check. It will insteel family values that will stick with them through out their life and into their own.

Family Night can be any day of the week that you can spend uninterrupted time with your family. We like to do Friday nights in our house. You can do theme nights, movie night, outing night, or make something up. Decide at the beginning of the week what your Family Night will be so the kids have something to look forward to all week.

Make it official: It is good to stick to a schedule when doing Family Night. Look at when you get home from work or any other activities that you may have going on so that you can set the time to get started. We start at 7pm in my house. We enjoy “Movie Night”!

Finish last minute chores: This is a good way to get the kids involved in preparing for the Family Night. Give them a task to get accomplished to help get any lat minute things done.

Add even more fun to your movie theme: Ask the kids to make tickets and sell them at a “box office” (a large cardboard box that’s cut out and decorated to look like a real box office). They can even “usher” parents to their seats, using a small flashlight like in the old days. To further turn your living room into a cinema, have the kids make theater scenery out of another big box — cut a square large enough to fit around the television, then paint seats and the backs of people’s heads, as if you’re sitting in a real theater.

Dont forget the snacks: This is most important thing not forget is snacks. The movie style candy at Walmart and popcorn well that is easy pick up your favorite kind along with some seasoning salt and your ready to go. Check out this site for movie snack recipes that kids can help make.

Dont forget an intermission. Give family members a chance to take a potty break or hit the “concession stand” (a.k.a. the fridge or pantry). This will keep the kids involved in Family Night.

Kids can come up with creative snacks based on the movie as well to make it even funnier.

Make each week a special Family Night to keep everyone on their toes.

Serving with Joy,

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