Memorial Day – Remembering Our Soldier’s

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AS we head into Memorial Weekend please take a moment to remember our SOLDIER’S. Whether you agree or not they deserve our respect and prayers for all that they do for our country. Its the selfless role they play at a game they dont know the outcome. They dont do it for the money. They dont do it for the fame. They do it cause its their calling.

I am proud Army Wife of my husband Jay for 9 almost 10 years. He has been serving our country for 18 years. We have been through 2 deployments and a life that most do not understand. I am very proud of my husband and all soldiers who serve our great country. He serves our country with pride and the Lord keeps him safe while doing what he was called to do, be a soldier.

He is the sexiest man I know in uniform and wears it with pride.

Want to also thank the families that are left behind. They have a BIG role in all of this. Taking on huge responsibilities while our soldiers are away such as taking care of the home front, the kids, the bills, all while holding back the emotions from her kids and everyone around. We are strong however we are not strong enough without the Lord.

Do you know someone whose husband or wife is oversees, serving in dangerous areas? If so, reach out and thank them this weekend for serving their country, too. Offer to pray for them and their marriage, support them, and if you can, ask how you can help them as they wait for their loved one to return home safely.

Have a blessed and safe Memorial Weekend friends!

Serving with Joy,

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