Summer Activities – Kids Prayer Journal

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Good Morning friends! I am so blessed that you have stopped in today. Its Treasure Tuesday, Loving Ours Kids the Way God Loves us! Its rainy and stormy right now and would love to go back to bed but I think Ill stay here and let you know whats on my mind today!

Kids Prayer Journal

I started this with my kids a few months ago and it is amazing to see what they write and even better to see when God answers a prayer. This fun activity helps our kids in having a closer relationship with God by talking to Him everyday through their journal.

I do mine with the kids first thing in the morning while they are eating breakfast. This is their quite time with God. You can take this in your car for long drives. Kids can use their journals for expressing their thoughts, ideas and feelings.

There are 2 easy steps to getting this started:

1. Find them a journal they can call their own. You can get their favorite color, favorite look or you can let them decorate their own. It gives them a sense of privacy, self-worth, and identification.

2. Second create a journal schedule that will work for all of you. Being consistence shows our kids the importance of having quite time with God. You can pick a topic everyday to meditate on with God or you can list things you are thankful for along with a letter to God and then list your prayer request. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Find what works for your family and run with it.

Here is an example for some topics:

Prayer Journal Daily Guide

Monday Adoration Wow, Lord you are…
Tuesday Confession Please forgive me for…
Wednesday Thanksgiving Thank you for…
Thursday Supplication Lord, please help me…
Friday Intercession Lord, please help…
Weekend Free Day Open to kids imagination

Enjoy your summer by sharing Gods truth with your children. The more they are taught and hear the better their relationship gets with God. Dont let computers, video games take up your children s time, let God take up their time.

Happy Journaling!!

Serving with Joy,

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