Week 3 "Making Your Home a Haven"

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Wow we are already on week 3 of “Making Our Homes a Haven”, it has went by pretty fast. How is the challenge going for you? Please leave a comment and let me know I cant wait to hear.

It is going well in our home. I love the candle burning everyday and the music going so that all day long we are thinking of God and how our homes reflect Him there.  I will say that this week challenge will be touch, let me explain, this is a BIG weakness of mine. Did I just say that and put it out there! Yes I did.

So if this is your weakness to, please join in with me and lets get this weakness taken care of this week. We can conquer it!!

Week 3 will be a 2 part challenge: (1) Pick an area of your home where clutter collects and put something there to contain it. (2) Set a timer for 20 minutes, grab a trash bag and walk through your house throwing stuff away!

I have 2 areas of my home that need serious attention in the “clutter” department: garage and my room. I will be working hard to get this accomplished. I will post next week before and after pictures.

I know for me that when I walk into both of these rooms I feel over whelmed, frustrated, depressed, very sad. Then when I leave it makes me want to be in a bad mood. I want these areas to be calm, patience, peaceful when I leave I want to feel accomplished. Throwing away “My Junk” will surly make me feel accomplished.

What JUNK will YOU be clearing out this week?? 
Share with us in the comment section.

 Serving With Joy,
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