December Peace On Earth Challenge Week 2 & 3

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Good Afternoon friends. Wow I cant believe it is already December 14th, where in the world did 2010 go? I am so very sorry that you didn’t hear from me all last week, I was sick with Bronchitis and down for 5 days. Needless to say I am still trying to get caught up.

I hope this month challenge with my friend Courtney over at Women Living Well is going well for you. It was for me until I got sick so this week Ill be doing 2 challenges this week to stay connected with God.

Last week challenge Dec 6th: was take out your calender and SCHEDULE a night where you will take a warm refreshing bubble bath. Bring your Bible. Read the story of the birth of Jesus in Matthew 1, 2 and Luke 1,2.
Why stop and have a bubble bath? Because with all that goes on this time of year it can be busier then usual and take us away from God. Taking a bubble bath with uninterupted time can give you the time you need to spend with God and get your thoughts and mind set back on Him.

Here are some tips that Courtney gave us for this challenge over at Living Women Well. An awesome bubble bath takes planning so here’s what you need: 1. Privacy – all children asleep and the husband aware that you don’t want to be interrupted 2. Hot water and loads of Bubbles – preferably ones that smell yummy! 3. Some soft classical music 4. A hand towel rolled up as a pillow 5. A cold drink to set beside the tub 6. Your Bible and if you are afraid you’ll get it wet – exchange it for a good Christian book or simply quietness – reflecting on your day and talking with God in prayer. Optional: a lit candle Now sit back, RELAX, be alone with just you and God – 25 minutes and VOILA – you emerge a new woman.

This weeks challenge Dec 13th is: Pull out your calendar and SCHEDULE a night where you will go to bed very very early. Take your Bible with you to bed and read in bed for at least 5 minutes. Read in Isaiah 7:14, Micah 5:2, Jeremiah 23:5, and Isaiah 53. These are prophecies that were fulfilled by the birth and life of Jesus. Get extra blankets for a warm nights rest, pray God gives you deep rest and that no one wakes you. Then turn out the lights and sleep. I pray that when you wake, you face the new day of Christmas stress with extra strength and vigor.

I personally think this weeks challenge is very important to keep on our straight path with God during this time of year. If Jesus needed to get alone with God then we certainly need to. Luke 5:16 says,”But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

I hope that you have found this challenge helpful, it sure has for me. Even though we dont have the stress of the wordly Christmas anymore it can still get stressful with all the things that the kids need to get done and serving in your community. Staying close to God through all of this will certainly keep the stress away.


Serving With Joy,

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