Thankful Thursday

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Good Morning friends. I am so blessed that you have stopped by and linked up for “Thankful Thursday”.

This week has been VERY busy and I have found myself feeling lazy and not wanting to do my routine. I feel over whelmed and out of control.

I sit back and take it all in knowing very well that I am the cause of this week being over whelming and busy. This week has been one of those weeks that I have been doing things “my way”. 

It all came to a head yesterday when I didnt want to get up and get the day started. It was a great reminder from the Lord that you can not serve the world and me to. When you let go of My hand I search for you but can not find you.

This week I am thankful for the Lords unconditional grace. For Him never leaving me when I fall off path. For always reminding me that staying two steps behind Him is how we prepare ourselves when darkness comes to with stand it. 

For the convictions that do not let me stear very far off path. For His loving arms that try hard to keep me close but never shuts off from finding me.  I give thanks to the Lord even in the storm knowing that He is preparing me for something bigger. 

Do you take your eyes off God and try things “your way” sometimes? Do you feel bad when you do? Do you stay there long or do you ignore the Lord when He is nudging you back to Him?

The one thing we have to never worry about is the Lord leaving us or forsaking us. He is always there NO matter how many times we fall off. I am thankful to know that He already knows when I will fall, but knows that I wont be there long.

Ephesians 5:20:Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”

What are you most thankful for this week?

I am also linking up with Spiritually Unequal Marriage for Thankful Thursday.

Serving With Joy,

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