Thankful Thursday

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Good Morning friends. I am so blessed that you have stopped by and linked up for “Thankful Thursday”.

This week has been SO busy. Sometimes I feel that I am out of control with things that always need to get done. I then sit back and say “Lord what would YOU have me do or take off my plate”?

Do you ever say “YES” when you want to say NO? Or do you over commit yourself thinking that the Lord wants you there to?

I know I tend to do this quite often however the Lord gives me a nudge and reminds me to prayerfully consider everything that comes my way. Insure that is where God wants me and not me wanting me there.

First and far most my family is the first priority, being a wife and mother then serving outside of the home to where the Lord calls me.

This week I am thankful for a great lesson in learning to really know if adding something to your plate of “To Do List” is from you or from God. Remember God will open and close the doors that need to be to make things happen. Counting on Him to provide the path and not our self will help us not to become over committed!

Here are a few tips that I use to take my time with a commitment:

1.When something is brought your way prayerfully consider and wait on the Lord to provide the answer
2.Never make a rushed decision. This will over commit you quickly
3.Stay in God’s word so that He may reveal His answer
4.Dont set yourself up for failure if the Lord reveals this is not for you
5.Not feeling bad if you have to say No
6. Perfect timing is God’s, not ours
Ephesians 5:20:Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”

What are you most thankful for this week?

I am also linking up with Spiritually Unequal Marriage for Thankful Thursday.

Serving With Joy,

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