when giving up is not an option

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The alarm clock goes off and you think, “its already that time again?” Time to start the day and watch carefully what the Lord has in store for the day.

Then it happens

you hit the snooze only to head back into la la land. You get snuggled back into the blankets only to have it happen again,

the alarm go off.

This time you feel the Lord nudging you to get your day started before the family awakens so that you can have a sobering spirit in showing everyone in your house love,


your enter being is telling you, “they can get their day started with out you”. Go ahead and get more sleep. You fall back into la la land not really noticing that the darkness is trying to take over your day.

The alarm clock goes off again this time you wake in a panic because now you are behind and off schedule. Thinking WHY did I listen to my enter being and just get up when the Lord nudged?

You jump out of the bed to run into the childrens room, in a frantic to get them up so you can be some what on time. The children are in a deep sleep, snuggled in their blankets not wanting to get up and face the world yet.

Your off to get a quick breakfast started so they can have full bellies and pack their lunches. You then run back into their room to bring them out of dream land so they can start the day.

Then it hits you all at once as the kids struggle to get out of bed, while the clock is still ticking to get out the door on time, that they do not want to get up.

You can feel all your love exiting out and everything inside telling you,

“I cant do this anymore, I want to give up”.

I cant have a sober spirit in the midst of chaos, I cant take them not listening, them not following the rules, them giving up when that is not an option.

Why did I not just get up when the Lord called?

When will I feel His peace in the midst of this chaos? How can I get myself back so I can then share that with my children?

Its at that moment that I long for that peace for God, that we enter the car and head off to school that I feel the Lords peace over me, telling me “Be quite, listen I am here.”

I sit quite for a few minutes driving down the road. I lean over and tell the children that I am sorry for falling behind this morning will you both forgive me? I then ask them to bow their heads so that we can pray to God to be with us through out this day.

Then the Lord reminds me, that giving up on me is not an option. He knows I will fall short, fall off path and most of all try do things “my way” sometimes. He tells me that He will always be there to pick me up and never give up on me. He ask

“will YOU be there to let me pick you up when you fall?”

Then I know why giving up is not an option. The Lord has in trusted me to be a wife and a mother and there will be times when I feel like giving up.


with the Lord is the only way we can find the peace we need to carry on when we feel like giving up as a wife or a mother.

Joshua 1:5 “ No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you”

Is there times you want to give up?

Serving With Joy,

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