Creating a Sanctuary in your Bedroom

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I will say this is something that I have struggled with for a long time. Our bedroom at times since we have been married was a sanctuary but over the last few years it has became the “catch all” space especially when clean up needed to happen fast. I mean why do we need to make the  bed we are just going to sleep in it again tonight?  Thinking about this, it is not encouraging for marriage intimacy and we are not just talking sex here!

Is this YOUR bedroom?

Over these last few years we only go to our bedroom to sleep and use the bathroom. Our room was not the get-a-way every marriage would want, it became the room we avoided except to sleep. It was dark so going through all the clutter was easy. We didnt have to stare at it.

This kind of space made me feel depressed, sadness, not in a very good mood, I mean who see this room anyway but us? What this did was create a space that was not “our own”. 
Having kids, a marriage needs to have a space to call their own so that we can regroup, together and have time to yourselves.

This weekend I did it, I made our bedroom our Sanctuary and man do I feel great. There is still some work that needs to get done such as painting, add more pic to the wall and new bed set. 
We walk in and everything has a home and it just feels so inviting. We already had set some boundaries for our kids but will enforce a few more to secure that “our space” stays ours.
Such as:
  • Knock before entering
  • No sleeping in our room or sneaking in at night
  • No playing with friends in our room
  • Take out what they brought in

Now dont get me wrong there are times they are fully welcomed in our room but for training purposes we want them to learn that mom and dad’s space is theirs and they need to keep it that way. 

So here are a few tips to make your Bedroom a Sanctuary:

  1. Making sure everything has a home. That for us was the biggest problem is letting the bed, dresser and floor catch everything 🙂 
  2. Picking out a great color for your room that you both will love
  3. Make the bed inviting with all matching set
  4. Add pictures of YALL(wedding, honeymoon, vacations, anything that celebrates yall) ( no kids this is your space so making it all about you)
  5. Add inspirational pic and scripture on the wall to keep it intentional
  6. Always make the bed
This is SO simple to do and creates a space that encourages intimacy (in all areas) in our marriage.
People have ask me do you have a TV in  your bedroom. At this time we do not however may consider it in the future. It will not used as a TV but for movies together. If you see that TV is an issue in your marriage I would encourage not placing a TV in your bedroom until things have been sorted through.  A TV would not be placed in your bedroom for everyday use. Think about if TV will be used in a positive way to encourage your time together or a negative way as a everyday TV place. If you are unsure take the TV out. Create a Sanctuary for your marriage!

Taking special care of your Bedroom is a key factor to all the activity that goes on while in there. You know what I am talking about here…… sex and intimacy are truly affected about how our room makes us feel. 
Now go and have fun! Create a Bedroom Sanctuary that screams who you both are. A place that feels safe, warm, inviting and place where clothes are optional 🙂 And most of all a place where you can be YOU and hubby has the freedom to be HIMSELF! Remember this is where your deepest feelings for each come out, so let them shine!

Create a place that you can call “your own” in your home!

Serving With Joy,

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