Thankful Thursday

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Good Morning friends. I am so blessed that you have stopped by to linked up for “Thankful Thursday”.

Last week I told you that I started reading an amazing book called “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp, she blogs over at A Holy Experience. If you have not stop over to her blog please do so, her words will blow you away.

Together we can hit 1000 gifts by embracing each moment that God gives us. Ann truly has helped me to look at every little thing as a gift instead of letting it pass me by.

Wont you join me every Thursday in sharing your 1000 Gifts!

This has been so fun embracing every thing as a gift and not taking one moment for granted. God I thank you for all your gifts that you shared with me this week, it truly is a blessing to see things through Your eyes.

23. the sounds of boxes being filled when a friend is moving
24. holding back the tears as the days come closer for my friend to move away
25. the hugs that I hold tight to from my friends little ones
26. for the precious moments that have been scteched into my heart with my friend
27. for the computer that I share my thoughts through
28. for the kind words that people share just when you I need to hear it
29. the longs talks with our baseball family
30. sharing God with someone to help further their walk for their family
31. for the texts that comes out of the blue just when needed
32. for the long drive with the family embracing the day
33. for the sounds of clicking controlers in the back while hubby & I bob to music in the front
34. the sounds of forks and gulps in the morning while the kids have their breakfast
35. for the long talks with my children on our way to school
36. for the chance to make someone smile through a card just because
37. embracing the wonderful weather we are having this week
38. soaking on every word of a friend and her wisdom
39. listening to the dryer click as something hits the side knowing that my family has clean clothes
40. tattooing every smile my kids make for days that are not so bright
41. God’s word that is soaking in like water on a sponge
42. the book of James that is truly making me think
43. cuddle with Big Sexy on the couch
44. listening to Big Sexy breath as we love each other without words

May you Dare to LIVE FULLY right where you are and embrace God’s gifts all around you daily! —Ann Voskamp

Ephesians 5:20:Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”

How are you embracing each of God’s gift?

Serving With Joy,


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