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Good Morning friends. I am so blessed that you have stopped by to linked up for “Thankful Thursday”.

Have you picked up the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp yet? She blogs over at A Holy Experience. We are listing 1000 gifts that God gives us daily.
If you have not stop over to her blog please do so, her words will blow you away.

Together we can hit 1000 gifts by embracing each moment that God gives us. Ann truly has helped me to look at every little thing as a gift instead of letting it pass me by.

Wont you join me every Thursday in sharing your 1000 Gifts!

This has been so fun embracing every thing as a gift and not taking one moment for granted. God I thank you for all your gifts that you shared with me this week, it truly is a blessing to see things through Your eyes.

23. the sounds of heaven rejoice because my friend gave her lift to Christ
24. my little boys running and laughing with each other
25. the rain the fills the much need grounds
26. the music sounding in the car while we are driving
27. for the laughs that echo through the car with my boys as we drive to school
28. for the peace of mind that the Lord gives for situations we are not sure of
28. for the Lord fighting in our lives for those battles we just cant fight
29. for the long talks with that special friend
30. for the sound of the scooter strolling across the sidewalk while I walk with my son embracing our moments
31. for the talks that me and my little on share
32. for my husband who listens to me vent even when he doesn’t want to
33. for the calmness that the Lord has provided in our home
34. for the reminders that the Lord brings to mind when I fall off track
35. for coupons savings
36. embracing the time in the morning with my husband before he heads to work
37. the sounds of key board ticking as God speaks through me
38. for the new journey the Lord has the family on
39. for the reminder from God that He has my son under His wings
40. for the snuggles that go on on the couch with my husband without saying a word
41. the swishing of the wind in my hair that reminds me God is everywhere
42. the American Flag that I see every morning in my neighbors yard that reminds me that we are Free
43. for the news that shook our world this week
44. for the trials and test that the Lord gives us to make us stronger
45. for the closeness that has drawn our family together to embrace God plan for us
46. for the chance to Trust God completely and not fall short
47. for the uncertainty of what will happen tomorrow
48. for the gift of choosing me to be His forever
49. for the courage to carry on even when it feels unbearable
50. for the kind words that a friend gives to remind me that my feelings are not always what counts its letting God do what He has to do
51. for the moms that meet every week to pray for our school and children
52. for the sounds of kids playing as I walk away from the school building
53. the changes that take place in my children when I look with Gods eyes
54. a hug that means the world from my little man
55. for the unexpected gifts that the Lord provides just because
56. for and empty sink
57. for gas in the car
58. for food on the table
59. for precious family times at the dinner time
60. for the talks that go on at dinner to embrace each others day
61. for the long drives home from school to embrace quite time with God
62. books that will strengthen my relationship with God
63. for Francis Chan who really makes me think deeply
64. my weakness that the Lord uses to make me strong in Him
65. the kind words that can be shared just because

66. for my blog that helps me release what is on my mind

May you Dare to LIVE FULLY right where you are and embrace God’s gifts
all around you daily! —Ann Voskamp

How are you embracing each of God’s gift?

The Procedure Book give away.

My sweet friend Densie Harlan book just came out and she has been so kind to give a copy away to my readers. Denise is from Kentucky however grew up in Nashville TN. She is a successful photographer in TX. She loves spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys movies, scrapbooking, photography and her mother-daughter trips.

Maggie Carmichael was a young woman, although raised in a loving home, never felt loved. She appeared happy on the outside but she had a void in her life: the need for unconditional love. She still believed in fairytales. In her quest for Prince Charming, Maggie finds herself in many unsettling and terrifying situations; each one making her feel less deserving of the love she desperately needs. Maggie decides she will settle for whatever love she can get, from whomever will give it.

Finally, Maggie finds a man to love her. She loves him unconditionally and tries desperately to make him love her the same. Maggie’s desperation for his love allows him convince her to make the biggest mistake of her life. Maggie is devastated by what she has done. It changes her life forever and she loses her desire to dream. She struggles with every aspect of her life. There are constant reminders that tears away at her heart until she gives up on love completely.

Doing what she can to survive, Maggie focuses on her career and anything else to keep her mind away from what has torn her apart. She prays for forgiveness but wonders if she can be forgiven. Maggie finally experiences God’s grace. She feels His forgiveness and real freedom for the first time in years. She finally has peace. Maggie has all she thinks she wants: a successful career, a church she loves and great friends. Her life is going great until a fateful trip to the mall reminds her of the biggest mistake of her life.

Come on this journey with Maggie and find out how every part of her life leads to her greatest adventure: true, faithful and unconditional love and her own magical fairytale.

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Serving With Joy,

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