Judging At A First Glance

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As we head out of town for a weekend full of baseball we agreed to stay in hotel. We are working hard to be good stewards with our  money so we need a place to lay our head but not to expensive.

Well when you tell my husband cheap he will find a good deal. He stumbled on to a Budget Inn. We pull in and this is what we see:

Now I will say this pictures doesn’t really show how run downed this hotel was. I completely started laughing thinking to myself why there were NO other cars in the parking lot. I told my husband we will check the beds and the bathroom and go from there.

Needless to say the rooms were not as bad as the outside looked. However I was quickly reminded that we come to God looking tore up, run down and our hearts filled with ugliness. 

What IF God judge us the first time we came to Him? 
What IF He didn’t look passed all the baggage we carry on a daily biases? 
What IF He didn’t give us that one chance to accept Him into our lives right where we are? 
What IF His first look at our hearts was the look we get we stumble on to a run down, tore up hotel?

We would not even have a chance with Him IF He judged us the first time we came to Him. 
The Lord tells us that WE all are sinners and fall short of the glory of God. I was thankful that my husband did find a run down, tore up hotel, so that the Lord could remind me just how we look when we first come to Him. May we always remember this and not judge anything by a first glance.

Loving Him Greatly,

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