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I am doing a Summer Book study with Sally Clarkson’s book “The Ministry of Motherhood”. It is amazing. I wanted to share Chapters 3 ith you today.
Grace of “Encouraging Words”

Words are such so powerful. I know for me I love hearing words of affirmation, they keep me going when times are hard and they give that boost I need to carry on. If I need these words, then my children need them even more. 

Learning how to uplift and encourage  my children has been a long process. I did not grow up hearing these kinds of words and when I did hear them I could  not accept them.  The closer I get to God the easier it has become to use encouraging and uplifting words.  During this process I have learned that negative words can have an effect as well as the positive ones. The book of James points this out clearly.

Here some great lines that Sally lists in her book:
“I love and appreciate you”
“Your friendship means alot to me!”
“I believe in your and in what God is doing in your life!”
“You are special to the Lord and to me, and I am praying for you!”

Jesus took the time out to bless people with His words. Matthew 9:22, Luke 10:42, John 1;47, Luke 7:37-48, Matthew 26:6-13, Matthew 16:17-18, and many more. 

How would you feel is Jesus said these very words right to you? I know for me it would make me feel like I could do anything. That is how we share Jesus with our children by blessing them with our words like Jesus does.

“We must deliberately aim our words at their hearts in such a way as to give our children hope, faith, strength, and also to point them toward the redeeming love of Christ” ~Sally Clarkson

As our needs are important setting them aside to share Jesus with our children, helps us not to miss a moment that Jesus has taught us with His disciples. Instiling this in our children will be passed from generation to generation through the moments that we took the time to share with our children the gift of grace through our life-giving words.

Here is a great prayer that Sally leaves us in this chapter:

~A Mother’s Prayer~
Father of Encouragement,
Thank you for taking the time to show love to your disciples by affirming and encouraging them. Help us remember that our well-aimed words will carry life to the hearts of our children. Teach us to extol their positive characteristics whenever we can and to resist the temptation to use words only for correction. Give us lips that speak grace and that show the heart of your love through the things we say.

May you seek God’s grace filled words when it feels like you cant go on. He will give you the words of affirmation that will get you through. Being a mother is such a high calling and embracing that will in steal Gods love in each of our children.

Loving Him Greatly,

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