Thankful Thursday

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Good Morning friends. I am so blessed that you have stopped by to linked up for “Thankful Thursday”. How close to 1000 gifts have you gotten to?
Have you picked up the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp yet? She blogs over at A Holy Experience. We are listing 1000 gifts that God gives us daily.
If you have not stop over to her blog please do so, her words will blow you away.
If this is you first time stopping by every Thursday we list 22 gifts that were thankful goaling to reach 1000 gifts. Together we can hit 1000 gifts by embracing each moment that God gives us. Ann truly has helped me to look at every little thing as a gift instead of letting it pass me by.
Wont you join us every Thursday in sharing your 1000 Gifts!
282. the kids laughing out loud
283. for the family events
284. the sounds of the water hitting the sand on the beach
285. the wind through my hair while soaking up God presence
286. sound of my heart beating while in quite sitting on the beach
287. feet in the sand
288. hearing my kids get smashed by the waves
289. the kisses that hubby gives when he first comes home from work
290. empty laundry basket
291. Gods unlimited amounts of forgiveness
292. family dinners
293. the lessons that God teaches us
294. a full flower bed
295. for home grown tomatoes and strawberries
296. the days that are hard to bare so that weakness can be stronger
297. the smell of homemade cupcakes
298. the new followers that the Lord has brought to this blog
299. for the convictions I receive when I read Gods word
300. all the new sisters in Christ that I have met over the last 2 weeks
301. the family singing in the car making memories
302. sharing songs our children have not heard from “our” time
303. the smell of rain

304. for all the moments with my children

May you Dare to LIVE FULLY right where you are and embrace God’s gifts all around you daily! —Ann Voskamp

How are you embracing each of God’s gift?

Loving Him Greatly,

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