What the Contest Taught Me

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What I have learned from this contest?

I will have to say that this contest has been a HUGE eye opener to me about both sides. I have been walking with Jesus for 4 1/2 years, meaning that I have known Jesus all my life but I was missing the most important element to Jesus, a personal relationship. Once that relationship took place and I knew that I had ask Jesus into my life, it began to change. 
As we start learning about Jesus and how we are to live our lives, we get SO passionate about things we are learning that we just scream from the roof tops. We start spouting out “you should do this or “you shouldn’t do that” syndrome. I know for me I did it to my husband, kids because as I was learning what God was teaching me, I could see what my husband & kids were doing all wrong. However what I have learned over my walk, is that God teaches us through His word how to become more Christ like. Each of us have to have our OWN personal relationship with God.
We are all at a different stage with God. Its not that all Christian are bad, judgmental, say mean things, do mean things, totally do not look Christ like because they are not passionate about God, its because that part has not been taught to them yet. We have to stay in Gods truth every single day learning Him inside and out. If we only read parts and study parts then this is the Christian that we see. It creates a confusion to those who do not know Christ and then all Christians are held to this standard. 

Jesus loves us all right where we are. God reveals Himself to use daily as we study Him, and forgiving those that are not so good about sharing Gods grace and love is what Christ is showing us. That those who have been walking with God longer can step up and support those that walks are much newer to show them how to love all that do not know God yet.

Loving Him Greatly,

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