But They Are Christian’s

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How many times do you come across Christians at church and you see them do something they should know BETTER not to do?

Doesn’t it give you a bad a feeling and want to make you start to judge them? Sometimes up setting you because you think to yourself “They should know better”. I know in my walk with Jesus this very thing as happen. I am not proud of it however it is something that I have had to go through for the Lord to get me to where He wants me.

It has not been an easy road. 

When you deal with SO much temptations and sin outside of church, you truly shouldn’t have to deal with those same temptations and sin at church, right?

We shouldnt however we do.

Always staying in prayer is cruel to walking with God in this and not walking in the flesh. It is so easy to wear your feelings on your face and body language that we want to be careful not to let our emotions show.

Asking God to show you how to love like Him and see people like Him, He will show you a whole new way to look at those “that should know” better.

The biggest lesson here, is that we are ALL in different places in our walk with God. No 2 people are on the same journey, the end result is the same, loving people to Christ, but journeys no.

In fact what the Lord has already revealed to you may have not been revealed to them, yet. Look at it like this, your at the Grand Canyon and what do we see? A huge hole with us on one side and  non-believers/Christians on the other.

How do we get them over to our side? 

We LOVE them, we have a RELATIONSHIP with them, we UNDERSTAND them, right where they are and know that are walk will help them. We have to build that bridge one moment at a time. In doing that we can share with them what we preseave as they “should know better” Gods love.

That is how we will bring them to the knowledge that has not been revealed to them yet and understand that we ALL fall short of the glory of God.  Gods grace is shown to us even when we were still sinners HE DIED FOR US.

Let God show you His unconditional love daily and ask Him how you can love like that Him daily.

What are some struggles that you face at your church and how do you seek God in helping you do handle it His way?

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Loving Him Greatly,

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