Week 11 – Gift of Service

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We are down to the wire with only 2 weeks left and we will have finished this wonderful and life changing book. I want to hear from YOU and how this book has changed how you parent.

We are heading into Gift of Service. This is something I teach to my children daily. It can be as easy as serving each other or servicing mom and dad or serving team mates at their practice. There are only 4 of us in the house so this and a great place to start serving is in the home. This is where they have the most resistant, in getting at home makes it easier to serve outside the home.

Here are some great quotes from Sally book that Angela shared this morning at Good Morning Girls blog. I loved this section as well.

“He reached out to people not because they deserved his healing, restoring, and forgiving touch but because love had brought him here in the first place. Loving compassion- the heart of the Father lived out through the work of his beloved Son- was what gave his feet and hands and voice strength to reach out to so many.”– Sally Clarkson, pg 181

“Their mission was not to set up kingdoms of power on this earth but to live out the redemptive kindness of God in service to the needy and the downtrodden. This service of love is what would turn the world upside down.”– Sally Clarkson, pg 181

“And what good are all our efforts at raising children who love the Lord if we stop short of sending them out from our homes to bring God’s redemptive love to those who need it? Giving our children the gift of service means not just telling them that service is important but actually taking them with us and showing them how to serve….We must involve our family deeply in meeting needs if our children are ever going to understand that they were created to serve God by serving others.” – Sally Clarkson, pg 184

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Chapters 17 & 18 in the Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

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