Week 8 & 9 Faith Pt 2 & Gift of Training Pt 1

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Hello sisters, I hope your week has been blessed. I am sorry that I was MIA last week. I need some much needed rest and time with my family. It was nice to have hubby home and being able to relax and enjoy family time. I hope everyone’s  4th was blessed as well.  
Lets get back in to our Summer Bible Study with Sally Clarkson “Ministy Motherhood”
How is it going? What has God taught you about parenting thus far? What has been your  biggest struggle?
This was one of my favorite qutoes from Sally in Chapter 11 & 12 

We give this gift of faith by making the living Word a natural part of our family life. Reading the Bible as a family, memorizing passages together and discussing how they apply to our lives, even letting kids act out Bible stories are ways to build faith by letting biblical truth permeate the fabric of our everyday existence.” – Sally Clarkson
A few questions to think about this week as we read Chapters 11 & 12:

1. What am I doing to teach God’s Word to my children? (Chapter 11)

2. How as a mom, can you focus on being a branch and stay attached to the vine? What changes do you need to make, if any? (Chapter 12)
This week a few questions to think about and share with your Good Morning Girls group and on our blog:

1. What resources are you using to help guide you as you train your children?

2. What are some techniques you use to train your children? What areas do you focus on?

This week read:

Chapters 13 & 14 in the Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

This week download:

Previous Ministry of Motherhood blog posts:

Loving Him Greatly,

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