Are You a Culture or a Biblical Christian?

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Come visit me over at Beautiful Mommy Feet where I am being featured today for “Culture Christianity Wednesday”!

Melissa is a Stay at Home mom of 2 little ones! Jaxson is 4 and Paitlun is almost 2. My husband is a student Minister here in Danville KY. The Lord has a created in me a passionate desire to assist with my husband and work with students. I’ve been involved in some for of ministry since birth I think, but the time I served doing that ministry was all the ministry I did. 

Here is alittle bit more about Melissa:

The Lord has graciously taught me alot over the past 3 years but this time last September, I realized God called us to be Fishers of Men, The Fields are white for Harvest.  How do I help harvest these fields if I’m only working at 10% capacity.  I was really convicted over my shallowness of thinking that my ministry began and ended with the student ministry, and of course my husband and children – but that goes without saying. 

Granted I dove in and spent as much time as possible with the students, but it generally consisted of Sunday Morning, Wednesday night and a few times per week.  That wasn’t enough. The Lord wanted to use me at the grocery store, at the gas station, at the park, where ever He took these feet He’s their Master He wanted to use them.  Even though I felt very limited because I am a stay-at-home mom.  

How can I do ministry out of my comfort zone, from my home? I began praying for the Lord to teach me how HE wanted to use me, 100%. Not only when it’s convenient. I had begun writing out the different things I was learning in my walk with Christ on a small Facebook page, then I would add more members as I became more comfortable. Finally I learned about blogging. It scared the daylights out of me, and it still does. I pray so heavily over what I write because it is such an outpour of my heart.  

Beautiful Mommy Feet is my Spiritual Journal available to the public. So yeah, it’s intimidating. But I’m nothing more than the Lord’s simple vessel. So hate me or love me, this is what I do.  I spread the Gospel from my dining room!  🙂

Thank you Melissa for introducing yourself. What a blessing you are. 

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Serving with Joy,

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