Creamed Chicken Crepes with Janelle

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Good morning sister. Its Tuesday with Janelle. One of the most best thing about Janelle recipe is they are EASY & YUMMY. When I am asked to cook for our school staff I go straight to Janelle to get all my recipes because I know for one they will be a hit and they dont take up too much time. 
Janelle blogs over at Comfy in the Kitchen  and has SO many recipes for any occasion. Today she will be sharing with us “Creamed Chicken Crepes”. I can not wait to try this and hope the family finds this a favorite like I am sure I will.

When you get a moment stop on over to Janelle Blog and let her know I sent you. Every Friday she has a link up called Feasting in Fellowship Fridays!
Creamed Chicken Crepes 
OH BOY! Here it is! This is my most requested recipe!!! These Creamed Chicken Crepes have been in my family for years. My grandma made this “copy cat” recipe which was inspired from one of her favorite restaurants…she passed it to my mother and she on to me. I make these most often for company because they are just so beautiful served in individual “au gratin” dishes…it truly is a special dinner for our family. I may be in trouble for sharing…but it will be worth it, I know you will enjoy this one…..

(my mom and I are cooking together in this photo-it was my birthday dinner!)
Shredding a block of Swiss cheese-it melts better and is creamier than pre-shredded 
Well worth the extra effort….trust me?
Mom made the crepe batter before I came over- she should have known better! haha. I have the recipe at the is so simple.
Place butter in a med-high heat pan and add chicken tenders- season with salt, pepper, and onion powder.
Cook until lightly browned
Place to the side and cut with a fork and knife into bite sized pieces
In a well buttered pan, on med-high heat place about 1/2 cup of crepe batter into a small pan (this is an omelette pan)
Cook until lightly browned and flip over
Flip in half
Place each crepe into each au gratin dish and place 1/2 cup of cut chicken on top of each
Start making your basic white sauce: In a saucepan on med heat melt butter, then add flour to make a “rouge” -it will look like a paste
Add milk, salt and pepper. Whisk all together…then continue to stir until it will take about 20 mins. 
Pour approximately 1/4 cup of white sauce over top of chicken and crepe
Add shredded cheese to cover- place under pre-heated broiler until lightly browned
Serve this on top of a plate (the dish will be hot!) accompany with french bread and salad. 
Save your extra crepes for the next morning!     

Creamed Chicken Crepe Recipe

(serves 8)


¾ cup of milk

½ cup water

2 eggs

1 cup flour

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp sugar

Mix all ingredients well with mixer and toss in refrigerator for at least an hour

Shred 2 lbs of Swiss Cheese


Appx 20 boneless chicken tenders (you may also use chicken breasts and cut up)

Sauté in butter over medium heat in batches.

Sprinkle salt, pepper and onion powder to your liking.

*set aside and cut into bite sized pieces

White Sauce (6 cups)

¾ cup flour

¾ cup butter

6 cups milk

salt & pepper

Stir flour and butter into a pasty consistency, then whisk in milk. Add salt and pepper. This mixture may take about 20 mins to thicken, but it will..I promise. Keep the heat on med-low to avoid scalding.

Making the crepe-

Butter omelet pan and add approx 1/2 cup crepe batter to pan and roll the pan around to spread evenly. Wait until crepe begins to bubble and flip over. Each crepe will be made individually- this is not hard, but takes a little of your time. The first crepe never turns out as good for me like the not be discouraged. Stack them up on a plate together; they will not stick to one another.


You will need 6 large 9 ½ “ “Au Gratin” dishes. (I bought mine at Marcs for 50 cents a piece).

1.     Place one folded crepe on bottom of dish

2.     Place cut/cooked chicken on top of crepe

3.     Pour appx 1 cup of white sauce on top of chicken

4.     Sprinkle with freshly shredded Swiss cheese

Broil individual dishes until lightly browned on top. Serve on top of dinner plate with napkin in between the two dishes to avoid slipping. Serve with fresh, crusty French bread and salad.


My children prefer just the crepe part of this meal with syrup

 I like to make 2 x the crepe batter and we have dessert crepes for after dinner. (I warm up the crepe in the microwave, put a scoop of ice cream on top, ladle hot fudge, strawberries and whipped cream)You may also use the crepe batter for breakfast the next morning. I would keep batter up to 3 days before pitching.If there are extra ingredients, make more crepe dishes and stop right before you broil and put them straight into the freezer covered with plastic wrap then foil….when you want to eat them put them from the freezer into the oven removing plastic wrap, and replacing foil. Bake for appx 35 mins or until bubbling, then turn broiler on to brown top of cheese.


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