Thankful Thursday- Counting To 1000

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Good Afternoon sisters!

Sorry this late posting, my day did not go as planned. Funny how that always happens. I think it is just the Lord reminding me NOT to plan anything, He already has it worked out. 🙂

Its Thankful Thursday!

I am so blessed to have you joining me in hitting a 1000 gifts that God gives us daily. When we truly take the time out to seek Him, He is everywhere, isnt He?

Did you get a chance to head on over and meet Ann Voskamp and check out her new book “One Thousands Gifts” ? This is where getting to 1000 came from. Ann is awesome in helping us really think about all around us in a different way. Every week we will list 22 gifts that we are thankful for, working our way to 1000!

What on your list this week?

 If this is your first time stopping by for Thankful Thursday, no problem you can start sharing your gifts right where you are. Take a moment to link up below and put our Thankful Thursday button somewhere on your post and link back up here. I enjoy blog hopping to visit and see others sharing their gifts.

“…in everything give thanks” (Phil. 4:6).                

Lets get started in sharing our gifts from this week heading to 1000!

504. the call
505. watching Gods plan come to life
506. excitement of our children in their accomplishments
507. family time
508. turning of pages in a book
509. praying friends
510. fall 
511. field trips with my son
512. sounds of feet running through the field
513. laughter of children as they explore Gods creation
514. precious time
515. husband helping hand
516. music that draws me closer to God
517. falling leaves
518. cooler weather
519. fall decorations
520. unstuck wedding pictures
521. looking at old times
522. head down feelings arising
523. great blog post
524. pumpkin recipes
525. talks with my husband

Taking time out to fully grasp ALL of Gods gifts that He gives us daily will change how you look at your life. You can find a gift in every moment when you embrace it with God.

“Better a handful with quietness than both hands full, together with toil and grasping for the wind.” (Ecclesiastes 4:6)

May you Dare to LIVE FULLY right where you are and embrace God’s gifts all around you daily! —Ann Voskamp

How are you embracing each of God’s gift?

Serving Him With Joy,

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