Day 11 – Even in the Rain

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I love those glimpses that God gives us into the plan that He’s weaving.

Like a ray of sunshine bursting from behind a gray curtain of cloud, it stretches down, all glistening bright. It warms my cold, tightly clasped fingers. I rub them together and savor it before it disappears. Eyes closed, I turn my face toward it and soak it in.

And just like that, it’s gone.

But the warmth it brought? It lingers.

I tuck my nose into the edge of my jacket, willing heat to stay trapped until the next piece of sunshine peeks through.

While I love those sweet moments that He is so gracious to give, I’ve found that it’s so easy for me to hate the waiting for that sun. To grow impatient, stomping my feet, and wonder endlessly when the “next step” will be made known.

Have you been there? In those cloudy days, stormy nights, when the clearing of it seems far?

God is teaching me to embrace and be thankful for those times in between. Rain, storms, and all. To stop wasting all of my time waiting for the sun to reappear and just trust that it will so that I can enjoy the romp in the puddles. To know that even though I can’t see it, that sun behind the clouds, it’s still offering life. Even though the day seems dark, long and dreary, the sun is still shining. Growth is still happening.

And, honestly? It’s really hard.

Sometimes trusting is hard enough, but to add thankfulness on top of that? When I’m feeling alone, freaking out, short on patience, am all prayed out, and have reached the end of my rope?

Easier said than done.

The days when the clouds roll thick and there is little hope for the sun to appear? They can weigh on a soul. We beg for a break in the shadows, we long to bask in the sunshine we once knew. We feel the chill down to our bones, and our eyes grow dim. A bad report, financial difficulties, illness, marital stress, to-do lists hanging over our heads…it can be easy to give in to force of the rain and wind. To tuck our heads down and mutter under our breaths.

As though the cloudy dark weren’t enough, the raindrops begin to fall hard and fast. They pummel, soak, and weigh down. We turn our backs to the wind, and fight hard, this rain. Our vision becomes clouded, all direction seems lost. Our heads hang low.

But, do we not know, that God – in all His might, power, and majesty – He is in the rain, too?

Yes, He’s that big. That amazing. That powerful. That good.

He created the sun, so big and yellow shining, to warm, give light, to lift our eyes.

But He made the rain. Though we may despise it at times, we cannot grow with the sun alone.

We need the rain, down in the parched soil of our hearts, so that life can live in its depths. The drops that beat hard are often the very drops that soften our hardened hearts. Our hearts have a way of becoming hard and crusty during times of sunny abundance. Have you noticed?

At least, mine does. Over time I grow sullen, dry, lazy, apathetic, and weary. I despise the clouds, grumble at the rain, and a bitter root of discontent wedges its way into my heart over where I’d like to be instead . Thankfulness is nowhere to be found in the midst of my peering off into the distance, waiting for the sun to peek it’s head over the horizon.

There are days when I don’t even feel much, just because the ungrateful hardness has grown thick.

It does that you know. A lack of thanksgiving gives way to a hardened heart.
Could it be that God, in His amazing grace and love for us, allows those times of rain not to punish, but in order to soften hardened hearts? To bring us back to Him? So that His love and life can flow once again?

Those storms and rains do have a way of bringing the feeling back. It may be painful, unpleasant, or inconvenient, and I’d honestly rather stay where it’s warm and dry. But this rain, and this pain, it brings life. Roots are able to dig down deeper as the soil is made soft, and life begins to flow through the veins of my heart and soul.

 “He covers the heavens with clouds; he prepares rain for the earth; he makes grass grow on the hills.” – Psalm 147:8

And so, I learn. By His tender mercies and unfailing love, this rain pours down. It washes my soul, though I may not understand. His thoughts are higher than my thoughts, I remember.
It quenches a thirst I didn’t know was there, and it purifies my messy heart that had begun to take the sunshine for granted. It reveals sins buried deep, lies believed, and burdens disguised as good ideas.

Instead of peering into the horizon once again, wishing the sun would appear?

I choose to trust in the One in who directs my paths, who sees the beginning and the end.

I {gulp} choose to thank Him for the cloudy now in which I stand, come what may.

I watch the clouds roll, lift my face to the cleansing, and I even dance in this blessed rain.

And He’s right there – completely in control of the wind and waves.

And it’s good, because He is good. Oh, how I am thankful for His goodness.

I’m not alone. He’s loving, watching, working, helping me to grow.

Thank you, Lord, that you work miracles, heal broken hearts, breathe life, and cause beauty to rise out of ashes.
Even when we can’t see or understand…

…and even in the rain.

“Rain down, you heavens, from above, And let the skies pourdown righteousness; Let the earth open, let them bring forth salvation, And let righteousness spring up together. I, the LORD, have created it.” – Isaiah 45:8 

Thankful Challenge:
Are there areas in your life where you feel clouded, drenched from the rain, or frustrated with the wait? Ask God to reveal to you areas where you’ve allowed the clouds to bring a hardened heart of ungratefulness. Ask Him to change your heart, be softened, and to be thankful in the midst of the rain. Start with thanking Him for the glimpses of sunshine and blessings in your life. Start a list, add to it regularly, and keep it close for a reminder that He’s still working. 🙂
Thankful Challenger:

Ashlie is a wife to her high school sweetheart, mommy of two little girls, and makes her home in a small town nestled in the Midwest. An imperfect work in progress, she loves seeking the truth of God’s Word and finding God’s grace in the mess of her wayward heart. Jesus, family, writing, homemaking, and encouraging others are her passions. She is a recovering perfectionist, but you wouldn’t know that by the dishes in her sink or dust on her ceiling fans. Seeing others discover His vast grace and love makes her all kinds of excited! She loves a good cup of coffee, cuddling with her hubby and babies, thrift stores, chocolate, and laughing until her sides ache. You can find her blogging over at “One Small Town Girl” you can also fin her on Facebook.

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