Day 12 – Family Prayer of Thankfulness

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Adapted from Psalm 103
Lord God, we adore you! With all that is within us we
graefully praise Your Holy name. (103:1)
We will cocnstandly exalt You, and never forget all of the
wonderful things taht You do. (103:2)
You forgive us of all our sins: every singul thought word,
deed, and every neglectful way. (103:3)
You are the Great Physician! You heal our bodies, souls,
minds, and spirits. (103:3)
Thank You for saving us, and for belssings u with Your faithful
love and tender mercies. (103:4)
You satify us and fill our lives with good things. We
are each renewed in your presence. (103:5)
You are so good and just! In all things You work for
good, giving righteousness and justice to all who are
treated unfairly. (103:6)
Thank You for revealing your character to Moses and
Your deeds to Israel that we may know Your ways and
wonderful plans. (103:7)
We are filled with thankfulness that Youa re merciful
and gracious, slow to anger, and full of unfailing love. (103:8)
You will not hold a grudge against us or remain angery
forever. (103:9)
Thank you for not punishing us for all our sins, as we
deserve. (103:10)
You lovingkindness toward those who fear You is as
high as the heavens are above the earth. (103:11)
You have removed our sins as far away from the us as the
east is from the west. (103:12)
Just as a father shows compassion
to his children, so You are
compassionate to those who
revere and trust You. (103:13)
You know we are frail, and that our days are brief. But
our hearts are grateful that Your love, o Lord, remains
forever, and our security is in You. (103:14-18)
You have se Your throne in the heavens and You rule
over all. (103:19)
Let everyone and everything (all creation) bless
Your name! Let us bless Your name, O Lord, from the
depths of our souls. (103:22)

Today Challenge:
Complete these statements together, as you guide your family to communicate specific thing you are thankful for:
  • I remember when we needed ________ and God provided __________. (read Phil 4:12-13. 19)
  • I am thankful that God brought ___________ into my life because He has used them to _________. (read Eph 4:11-13)
  • I am thankful for _________ that God gives us every day. (read Deut 8:3)
  • I am thankful that God is teaching me ____________. (read hebrews 12:4-11)
  • Despite (and even because of) ___________, I am thank you for __________. (read 1 Thes 5;18 and kames 1:2-4)
  • We can’t help but thank you for ___________! You are so good, Lord. (read psalm 23:5-6)
 This great prayer and challenge comes from Barbara Rainey of Familylife
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