Day 19 – Felt Turkey Craft

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Are you looking for a fun easy craft you can do with your family at Thanksgiving? A few years back we made this super cute Thanksgiving turkey and it’s been a great hit every since.



Click here to download a rough template for my felt turkey!


6 different colors of felt (for the feathers, you’ll need orange and red for the nose and wattle)
6 different colored buttons to match your felt selection
1 piece brown felt
1 piece light brown/tan felt
2 google eyes
Felt sticky letters (If you want to make the feathers say ‘thanks’)
Cotton pillow stuffing to give him some ‘puff’ (that’s a technical term only sewers would understand)
Needle and Thread
Pinking sheers or scissors


  • Cut out the shapes from my template, and trace them onto the felt pieces as indicated:

  • 2 large circles for the front and back of the body (I used the brown for the front, and an orange piece for the back just to save on felt)

  • Cut 6 feathers from various colors of felt (I used pinking sheers just to make them cuter)

  • Cut 1 nose from the orange piece

  • Cut 1 wattle from the red piece

  • Cut 1 head from the tan piece

Tip: As an alternate, you can use fabric glue instead of stitching as well if you prefer not to sew.

  • Sew the wattle onto the head piece.

  • Sew the nose (slightly overlapping the waddle) onto the head.

  • Sew the head onto the front body piece

  • Sew all 6 buttons onto the front body piece (As an alternative option, you may wish to add different kinds of buttons, you can even do a small lacing section, zipper, or any other type of fastener to give your activities a little more variety.)

  • Sew the front body piece onto the back body piece leaving a small gap to fill with pillow stuffing before finishing stitching

  • Cut a small slit into the bottom of each feather piece to fit the size of button you chose.

  • Stick on foam letters to top of feathers. (You can also write specific things that your family is thankful for instead of using the word “THANK” on them.)

  • Stick on 2 google eyes to the head
This is wonderful fine motor-skill buttoning practice for your toddler, good for color matching, and giving thanks!

Thankful Challenge:Have a great day doing a craft with your children that they will remember for times to come.

Thankful Challenger:

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