Day 20- Be Intentional in your Thanksgiving and Pass it On

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 I have been thinking of the art of being thankful for a long time now…..And it is an art.
 Being thankful is not always easy. It is easy to be thankful when everything is going our way. It is hard, however, to continue a thankful attitude when things are not going our way. Even something so small in the grand scheme of things can throw us completely off track. We live in such a world of greed and instant gratification syndrome, that we honestly believe that things should mostly be going our way all the time. However, Im sure that the big things…the things that really truly matter, are still running mostly smoothly in our lives. Are we still under a roof, in a warm and dry home? Do we have food in our refrigerator, healthy kids and husband, and enough to get by and survive? Our basic needs are met. Our basic needs are being met by an awesome God! He cares about us. He gives us what we need and provides for us.

Something that I struggle with is the trusting part. My flesh woman is always struggling with my spiritual self. My flesh woman is telling me that I need to be in control of every situation so that my world, and the world of my family and household does not spin and spin out of control. My spirit self tells me that I need to let God be in control. He will provide for us, if we are faithful servants.

In thinking about the art of being thankful, I have come to realize that I need to be intentional. I need to be an intentional “thanker” so-to-speak. I need to reflect on the things that I am given and on all the ways that the Almighty has provided for me. Sometimes when I sit down to be intentional in my thanksgiving to God, I realize that having enough is really, honestly just enough. I know that I am taken care of. I might not have this or that or the other thing, but it does not matter. It does not matter becaue God has given me just enough and that is more than others in different countries have on any given day.

The second thing I have come to realize is that the things that I am thankful for have been gifts to me from others such as: a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to a deranged (yes, sometimes I do get this way) mother just vent, or my husband giving me a second to myself in the bathtub, or someone making me dinner on a night that things get too crazy,  or a little note in the mail from a friend, or just a smile from a stranger. And I realize these things that I recognize as being gifts from others that have made my day so much better, even in a small way, are things I am not only thankful for, but things that I can pass on. I can be that shoulder to cry on, that meal to a family, that gift to someone (a mom or husband or friend who needs time to themselves), a note in the mail, a compliment or even just a smile. Pass on those things that you are thankful for!

And last but not least, turn your Thanksgiving into PRAISE for our King, the Almighty, who cares enough for us that He would provide for our every need, help us to realize we have just enough, and to pass it on to others. 
Let us be thankful all year round!
Psalm 95:2 (English Standard Version)
Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!

Thankful Challenge:
Start an “Attitude of Gratitude” journal (be intentional in your Thanksgiving)

Turn your Thanksgiving into praise! Sing a song to God!
Pass on the things you are thankful for to someone else. 
Thankful Challenger:
My name is Elise. I am a mostly stay at home mom (I substitute teach on the side), wife to my hard-working husband, mommy to our son and daughter and forever a daughter of the King. I am working hard to build our home on the foundation of Christ and my first and foremost ministry is to my husband and children and our family. On the side I teach fourth, fifth, and sixth grade Sunday School and work with the youth a little at our church as well.  I have been so encouraged by other women and moms and I hope to be that to other women as well. I am a newbie blogger, and hope to make an impact somewhere in some kind of following; in whichever way God sees fit. I blog over at There will be so much more to come in the beginning of the new year over at “God’s Amazing Blessings” 🙂

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Serving Him With Joy,

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