Day 23- Praising God In Advance

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When a bride and groom exchange their vows they don’t pause to think of each promise they make to one another.

They don’t think that death may come or that for better or for worse will be knocking on their door soon. I was one of those brides caught up in the moment of that day so when in sickness and in health made their way into our marriage I was not prepared.

Since April 2008, my husband Gene has had 4 back surgeries and a recent elbow surgery. He has lost much physical strength and even his job. He was out on disability and has had to wrestle with God about how drastic life changed for this hard-working provider.

I found myself resentful toward him as the daily medical bills arrived in our mail box and I’d leave at night to work my 2nd job. During this time the gain my husband had spiritually began to outweigh the loss he had experienced.

He began to choose to praise God in advance for all He was doing and was going to do in our lives. God prompted him during his recovery times from surgery to begin a text message ministry which he text scripture to friends 3 times a week. What started as a few people is now over 100 people.

I have watched him over the last few years and seen him choose to give thanks to God no matter what circumstance he has faced. He never complains about the constant pain he is in or that he has to ask for help to put his socks and shoes on. Instead, he praises and gives thanks to God.

When vows are made between a man and a woman we just want to live happily ever after, not thinking that life will happen not always have a happy outcome. The promise though isn’t pure bliss, but instead a vow to be faithful no matter what happens.

When we invite Jesus Christ into our life and become His bride, He doesn’t promise that we will have the perfect Christian life, but He does promise faithfulness.


Thankful Challenge:
Choose to praise Him in advance for whatever is going on and will happen in your life. And choose to give thanks no matter what circumstance you face, for He is worthy to be praised.


Thankful Challenger:

I am a wife, mom of 3 and became a very young grandma of 2 before I turned 4o in 2010. I love Jesus, family, friends, reading, walking and a cup of cappuccino with cool whip on top. I love to write and talk about God’s greatness and I can often be seen driving through neighborhoods looking for escape artists, Kane and Max, our 2 dogs. I am a woman who has an ugly past that only God can handle all the details of and yet He still finds me usable which blows me away. I have no idea where you are in your life or what you’ve done, but know that you have a God who is crazy for you and loves you no matter where you’ve been. You can find daily posts on this blog that will make you laugh, sometimes cry and hopefully always leave you feeling encouraged. You can find Lelia blogging over at Write From the Heart and on facebook.

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