Day 27- Praising the Lord Through a Prayer Chain

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The problem of the heart is the heart of the problem.  Just as my heart condition determines the love I have for others around me, so it will determine the level of thankfulness or gratitude that I have.

My FAVORITE thing to do when I start feeling “needy” is to count my blessings.  I know everyone says that…  BUT have you ever sat down and listed everything that God has blessed you with?

I have a prayer list.  I’m a Lister.  My husband likes to say that I have lists of my lists.  So, I have a list for ALL of my prayer requests and then I have a smaller, more simplified list for each week.  On Mondays I sit down and I pray about what I should pray about.  Sound funny?  But that’s what I do.  I decide what I should focus my attention on for that week and then I pray a little bit harder and longer for the prayer requests on that smaller list.

When God answers a request I cross it off my list and I put the date beside it.  THEN…then I have ANOTHER list.  This list never gets thrown out.  This list is longer than any of the others because this list is a list of all the things God has blessed us with, provided for, sicknesses healed, problems solved…this is a list of all prayers that He’s answered for us!

When I start to feel “needy” I get this list out and I read it!  You would be amazed at  how quickly I start to feel blessed.  In fact, sometimes I start reading in the middle or end of this list because I never have the time to get all the way through it.  But I LOVE to read over this list and remember the victories and blessings that were given to me by God.  I love to thank Him for these things.  And I know that He enjoys it too!

How to make this fun for kids??  Have you ever made Christmas chains out of red and green construction paper?  You can use fall colors to decorate for fall, or you can go ahead and start using Christmas colors.  We use every color you can imagine and we add to ours all year long.  We start in November and go to the next November.  Each strip of construction paper gets a blessing or an answered prayer written on it and they all get linked together. 

The first year, you can ask each kid what they are thankful for.  Mom, dad, brothers and sisters, friends, other family members, church friends, pets, school grades, clothes, being American.  There are so many things to be thankful for!!  Then you can start to keep a journal of your own answered prayers and use them next year.  If your children are old enough, they can keep their own prayer journal.  It will help them to be thankful and build their faith at the same time! It’s so exciting to pray when you know that God can and will answer your prayers because He already has answered so many!

You could even get colored paper that matches their rooms and let them add a link as they get their prayers answered throughout the year instead of waiting for Thanksgiving!!  Every day is a great day to praise the Lord!!  See how long their “prayer chain” becomes after a year of praying and having their prayers answered.  God loves to answer prayer and He loves to show Himself faithful!  You and your kids will be blessed and you will be reminded of all the things you have to be thankful for!!  

Thankful Challenge:
Put this project together through out the year in showing your children that we can be thankful for all the small things daily. See how long your chain becomes.

Thankful Challenger:

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