Say Yes to God Week 2- Focusing on Our Marriage

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How did your first week go in Saying Yes to God? I pray that the Lord moved mountains in revealing more of Himself to you through our first week. I believe Saying Yes to God to be the solid foundation we need to to carry on in our marriages and parenting.

Today we are going to focus on Saying Yes to God in OUR MARRIAGES!

How can we say YES to our spouses in away that we have never done so? I believe it starts with our way of thinking. When we redirect our thinking to our relationship with Jesus we carry out what God has called us to as wives.

Remember when you first got married you uttered the words “I will always make my marriage a priority”,or “That will never happen to us”. I know I said these things about my marriage.  


work took up more time, then children came along and the next thing you know our marriage took  a “back seat” to LIFE!

By the time you realize it, the hurt feelings, the unspoken words, the broken promises, being too tired has consumed you.

This is the BIG sign that our eyes are on US and not JESUS! However thank God for His GRACE every single day to help us get back on track.

As we focus this week on Saying Yes to God in our Marriages, keep in mind that we will be at the foot of the cross seeking Jesus to become the wives that God has called us to be.

Saying Yes to God in our Marriages is keeping Jesus at the center of the marriage. Always running to the foot of the cross when we need to cry out. This is the key ingredient that will keep us saying YES to our Marriages.

This Weeks Challenge:
focus on ONE part of your marriage that you want to improve on. Take it to the cross daily and let God transform your marriage in away you have not experience Him. Hold your tongue and replace it with prayer.

Here are 8 tips to add to this week challenge to Saying YES to our Marriage:

1. Get up with your spouse before he goes to work and spend some one on one time with him.
I get up at 515-530 with my husband, most of the time, I make his lunch, talk with him, insure he has everything before he leaves, walk him out, just me and him before the day starts. This yells I LOVE YOU. When he feels secure in the marriage it creates a bond.

2. Call or text your spouse through out the day with encouraging words to lift him up.
Lifting him up builds up his confidence and lets him know he is believed in.

3. Greet your spouse at the door with hi’s and kisses helping him to unwind
This is one of my favorite things to do for my spouse. I have no idea what kind of day he has had however putting him up on cloud nine when he walks into his home is always my goal.

4. Do something that your spouse loves to do
I took up watching football and being apart of what is important to him. This brings us closer and show him that I love what he loves. I do this without grumbling or complaining or trying to talk him out of it {wink wink} its ALL about him

5. Go out of your way to hold you tongue when he does something that bothers you.
When you hold your tongue and replace it with prayer you are letting God work on your husband. Walk away or out of the room if you have to. 

6. Get out and Date your spouse.
I can not tell you how IMPORTANT this one is to our marriage. When we take time to make this a priority all kinds of things happen in the marriage. This is where we bond, talk, reconnect, fall in love again. When we release stress we are better for each other and for our children.
7. Pray for your spouse.
Any weakness or area that  you would love God to work on, take them to the cross in prayer. Let God be the one to change his heart. When you feel like intervening get on your knees and pray.

8. Study what the Bible says about being a Wife.
Knowing what God expects of us as a wife will truly help us in our walks to saying yes to our marriages and NO to the enemy.  Standing along side God and letting Him take on the enemy will bring God centered peace.

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Saying YES takes a lot of work and it truly shows us that we can NOT do it with out God. Take this week to truly focus on that God has in trusted YOU to be your spouses wife. That being a wife is our mission field. Embracing the words that “I will always fight for my marriage, NO matter what the enemy throws at us”!

You will see God transform your marriage in away that you have not seen Him when you say YES to Him and NO to the enemy!

I am inviting you all to join me on this challenge. Please leave a comment and link up that you are joining me. If you are a blogger can I humbly as that you grab the “YES” button and place it on your blog somewhere so that others might join us on this challenge.

Together we can SAY YES to God more and watch how our walks, marriages and parenting blossom into an amazing relationships that are pleasing to God.

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Stop by next Wednesday as we focus on Saying Yes to our Parenting!

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