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Do you ever feel like you are running in place with your children? That you tell them a million in one times how to do something however they seem to never get it or chose to do go against you?

Every moment counts in how we react to are children.
Turning every moment into a teachable moment draws them closer to God. Pressing through and holding fast to Jesus for them to “get it”, for them to understand that every thing in our life is to prepare us for what is to come.
In our home we are teaching Discipline, and this has been hard for the children and myself for that matter. Why, because not only am I teaching my children how to be consistent, I have to be consistent, so they get it. 

How do we teach Discipline?

Turn every situation into a teaching ground. Pointing towards Jesus in the lesson to help them envision that all they do is for Jesus! That mom/dad are not out to make their life miserable, we are preparing them for what is to come so they dont compromise their faith and can withstand what the world has to offer.

We have dry erase boards with a list of each child’s chores for the week. They are responsible for getting their list done. To accomplish consistence we shared with them that they are to get their list done every week without mom/dad asking them, or having to do anything on their list. If their list is not completed by Friday or mom/dad had to do any of their list, their weekend will not be filled with “fun things” they love to do {play games on the computer, video games, friends over}.

We also wanted to help them with problem solving when their days are packed and they can not accomplish their list that they ask for help. {my 14 year old plays basketball and they have practice every night till 715 and with homework afterward sometimes his load is heavy}. Instead of just not getting their list done they ask us for help. This way they are learning how to mange their time for the week.

This week was a challenge for my 14 year old and he wanted me to let him still play his video game when he was not consistent in accomplishing his list this week.  
Here is my chance to embrace this moment and use it to point him to Jesus.
Using the example not being consistent with the mundane things around the house will carry over into compromising our faith and not be able to fight off what the world has to offer.  Embracing that our home is the training grounds for what is to come. If we cant be discipline at home we cant be discipline in the world.

Seeing his face light up because he “got it” made my heart sing. Every moment does count and we want to embrace it with courage and always point them to Jesus in why we do what we do.

How do you point your children to Jesus in every moment?

Serving Him With Joy,

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