Pointing Our Children to {God} Through the Mundane Task

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How many times do you hear your kids {complain} about doing their chores? Or stomp off because they were not able to get their way? How about siging?

I know sometimes my children pull this but instead of {going there} with them I point them to Jesus through the mundane task that is at hand!

Just this morning one of the kids had got something out of the car and had to use the keys. Well the keys have a home, because mom can not keep up with them, and they must be put back when taken out. Needless to say that were NOT in there home this morning.

We started looking all over for them and ended up finding them in a place that was not there home. So instead of getting crazy over the situation I decide to use this TASK to point them to Jesus.

Children do you know why we follow directions? Why mom? So that we learn to be odiedent and disciple when God ask something of us. All the things that we do around the house, even though seem crazy to you, is to teach you how to be odiedent and disciple when God needs you to be.

If we decide not to follow the direction exactly the way mom/dad laid them out we are {comprising} to get it done OUR WAY!  How do can you make the decision to follow Jesus’s direction if you cant follow simple directions from mom/dad?

As the kids could understand that even the smallest thing can point them to Jesus, I am reminded on how often do I not follow Gods direction that is laid out and do things MY way?  Too often! I am thankful that God uses my children to teach me more then I will ever teach them!

We are giving intructions {the bible} to prepare us for when God calls us to a task. Are we embracing all the mundane things around us so that wer are prepared for when God calls on us?

What mundane task do you use to point your children to Jesus? How does teaching your children point YOU to Jesus?

Would love to hear your thoughts, please comment below and lets chat!

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