2012 Mid-Year Curriculum Changes

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Good Morning sisters! It is already the middle of the school year and one of the best things that I LOVE about Homeschooling is that if a curriculum is not working for my child I can CHANGE it. Thank goodness because having to work with a program that is just not cutting it would sure make for a long year!

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With that said here are some changes and add-ons that I have made to my 2012 Curriculum.

Change 1: Aleks Online Math ——-> to Math U See

We started out using Aleks Online Math and will have to say Peyton and I was not pleased with it at all. There just was not enough instruction and explanation for Peyton to understand what he was doing. I finally settled on Math U See – Gamma

This being our first year homeschooling trial and error is the name of the game until we find what works best for my son. I will say that I am very pleased with Math U See. It comes with a DVD instructor to help in teaching some awesome techniques to explain the math in a fun way.

My goal is to get through Gamma which is Multication, measuring, rounding and such before the end of the school year however not sure since I am just starting this program if we will get it finished. If not Ill be adding math to our summer fun!

Added —–> “A Reason for Handwriting”

I will say that I am in love with this writing curriculum. It is scriptural based. It takes a scripture and breaks it down over 5 days and at the end they write the whole scripture and hopefully learned it. It also has little discussion at the bottom of each scripture to help them in going deeper with the scripture they learnt for the week.

Here is what we kept:

                   “Mr Determination”


The greatest thing about homeschooling is there is NO right or wrong way to do this. If something does not work for your family keep searching until you find what does. Every homeschool home WILL look different. Take in all that homeschooling moms share however go with what is best for YOUR child. This does not have to be stressful. There are so many curriculums out there to chose from that you will find what is best for your child. Also lift each subject up in prayer. God truly knows what is best and will open the doors needed for your homeschool experience.

Did YOU make any changes to YOUR 2012 School Year? Would love to hear your thoughts on your school year thus far!

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