{I’m a Christian} is Losing its Meaning

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This has been waying heavy on my heart all week sisters. Saying we are a Christian means absolutely nothing these days. It is SO loosely thrown around that everyone you ask says yes {I am a Christian}. 

How are we to know what being a Christian really means if WE are not looking to our Bibles and finding it in Jesus Christ? If we are looking to TV, Hollywood, neighbors, people in the church, friends and not looking to Jesus, we are looking in the WRONG PLACE!

I am sure by  now you all have heard about the new ABC show GCB {Good Christian Belles}. It is based off a book, which I will not talk about, in which a group of Christian women seem to be spending their days to outdo each other all while proclaiming to be Christians. However I feel it to be a mockery of Christianity and further from how we are to be as Christians. It is filled with gossip, convent, material things, cussing, misreprestation of the scriptures, unforgiveness, which does not aline up with scripture. {please know that I am NOT by any means promoting this show I am using it as an example of what I am writing on today}

What has got my feathers all worked up is that {I am a Christian} is losing its meaning. It is thrown around as just another word.  When someone says they are a Christian people just assumed that they follow Jesus Christ however it doesnt mean they truly reflect Jesus. We would not know unless we knew Jesus ourself.

So what is a Christian?

Serving Him With Joy,


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