When You Feel You {CAN’T} Go On

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This week has been a very trying time for me. I took on a huge responsibility that I felt the Lord lead me to and this week I was second guessing if the Lord really ask me to do it.

The walls had been closing on me all week, my mood had changed, I wanted to run for the hills and never come back.


I started repeating “I Can Not Do This Anymore”. I felt like I just could not carry on anymore. I thought how did I get to this point? Why was everything rubbing me the wrong way? Why was I feeling like I couldn’t go on?

Then I took a look back and the week! Guess what I had not spent any time with the Lord. I was moving through the week, going through my check list, not realizing that I had put God on the back burner.

What a eye opener and a great reminder from Him, that WE CAN NOT DO THIS WALK ALONE! When we try, our world come crashing down all around us. We are made for a relationship with Him ALL the time, not just some of it.

kneeling at the cross

I let the everyday things and the new responsibility to take over my life, instead of laying them at the cross to let the Lord take them on to guide me, I try do it ALL myself.

When you feel YOU CAN’T GO ON, take a moment to fall to your knees, take it to the cross, and let the one who CAN go on, feel you up with courage, energy and a renew spirit. Spending time with Him and trusting Him with every part of our life, is LIFE CHANGING!

gods way

The question is are WE READY TO GET OUT OF GODS WAY or continue doing things ARE WAY?

What do you need to lay at the foot of the cross today?

Praying that the Lord renews your spirit and reminds you of His great LOVE, that He gives away so freely when we spend time with Him, and brings you back to His path.

Serving Him With Joy,


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