5 Myths About Singleness

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Singleness is a very misunderstood stage of life.  There are so many false ideas and discouraging notions that encourage discontentment in our lives.  Today I want to debunk 5 myths about singleness and share with you the real truth of the matter!

Myth #1:  Singleness Is Inferior To Marriage
This would have to be the most common myth I’ve heard about singleness and I have to admit I’ve been guilty of believing it myself.  Marriage looks so good and it is so celebrated in Christian circles (and it should be) that sometimes I’m tempted to think being single is a “less than” calling. 

Marriage is a blessed, wonderful thing but so is singleness.  Before you were born God planned out your days.  He ordained how many of those days you would be single and how many of those days you would be married.  Our God is all loving, all wise and all powerful.  He can do no wrong.  He can  never have an inferior plan for your life because that would go against His perfect character!

Myth #2:  Singleness = Punishment
Here is another common myth.  When we long for the protection and companionship of a husband, when the desire is so great we feel we can’t make it another day we can easily think of singleness as punishment.

Singleness is a gift meant for our pleasure and sanctification.  God knows exactly what we need to bring us to a closer relationship with Him and what will conform us more to the image of His Son.  He knows that learning to trust and rely on Him will bring us the most pleasure in the long run.  Singleness isn’t a punishment it’s just one of God’s many good ways to bring us closer to Him.

Myth #3:  Singleness Is A Time To Sit Around And Wait For Mr. Right
This is an easy trap to fall into.  I’ve seen many a girl with a desire to be married just aimlessly going about their days waiting for a husband to come along.  They have no goals or plans.  They just believe it’s God’s will to sit and wait.

In a sense singleness does involve waiting but not without working and preparing.  A woman should never let a time in her life go by when she is not actively learning and serving.  This will look different for each woman but she should be striving to serve others, grow in the Word and continue to stretch her mind.  Singleness is the best time to prepare yourself for being a future wife and mother.  Use your gift wisely! 

Myth #4:  A Long Period Of Singleness Means Something Is Wrong With Me
Have you ever been tempted to think that?  “Everyone else is getting married!  Something must be wrong with me.” 

This is a faulty way of thinking.  Don’t let this lie creep into your heart.  God’s good plan for our lives isn’t dependent on being good enough because none of us are good enough for His gracious gifts.  Our time of singleness is determined by what the Lord knows to be best for us not our own weaknesses.

Myth #5:  Married People Are More Useful To God Than Single People
Married people have so many amazing opportunities to serve the Lord.  Did you ever believe the myth that they are more useful to the Lord?

I firmly believe that Satan likes to make us feel un-useful because he knows it’s an easy way to demotivate us and discourage us from serving the Lord.  Nothing could be farther from the truth though.  God loves to use anyone who is willing, married or single.  Think about the apostle Paul for instance.  He is a great example of a single person mightily used by God.  Just because the way God chooses to use you may look different from a married person don’t ever believe God can’t use you.

Don’t let Satan or your own heart cause you to believe a myth and doubt God’s good plan for your life.  Enjoy your singleness and use this time serve Him and others while preparing for the future!

ashleyAbout Ashley Schnarr
Ashley is a stay-at-home daughter preparing for her future dream of being a wife and mother. She blogs at www.stayathomedaughter.com where she shares her passion for Christ, Biblical femininity and preparation for the future. Ashley comes from a family of seven. She enjoys ministering in song, being a wedding cake decorator, long time babysitter, and new author of “Keeping House…While Keeping Sane”. You can follow Ashley through her blog, facebook, or twitter.

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