How to Stay Close to God During Deployment

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Good Morning sisters! I am so blessed to introduce to you {Military Corner} with Kathryn from Singing Through the Rain. Kathryn will be posting encouragement in helping us stay close to God while being in the military. She encourages me daily and I know you will be blessed by her words too.


When Sonya asked me to blog for her {Military Corner}, I asked her what topic she wanted me to tackle first. She asked me to write about staying close to God during deployment. I thought about it for a long time. Deployment is one of those times that make you think, “Where is God in all of this?” But I ask you, shouldn’t that be the time where you need Him most?

It’s a time for growing and learning as a person, but also spiritually. A time to devote more time to God and to intentionally live as a Christian.

When you think about deployment, what is the first word(s) you think of? Most likely it’s NOT going to be “spiritual growth” or “internal peace. I did a poll on my blog’s Facebook page. I asked, “When you hear the word deployment, what is the first thing you think of? In ONE word only please.” I got responses such as, “loneliness,” “fear,” “heartache,” “dread,” “alone” and “sad.”

When I thought about it, I realized that deployment does not have to mean these things. It can be a time for personal learning and growing, it can be a time to grow closer to God and to work on your relationship with Him.

So the question is: How can we turn around something that is full of “dread” and “sadness” and turn it into an experience to learn, grow, and become closer to God?

So glad you asked!

1. Read your Bible every day and if you can’t commit to that at first, try for twice a week.

The Bible is your spiritual sword to fight with. Even if you just read a couple verses a day and think about them through out the day, you are meditating on them, and your day will go much better. Even if you get bad news, or just have a bad day, just having that reminder in your heart that God is always there, gives you the will to fight through another day. Honestly, this is something that I was not so good at before deployment. I had a hard time being committed to reading my Bible every single day and most time my reading was sporadic. Through this deployment I realized I NEEDED it. I can’t live with out His word. And yes, sometimes, I do miss a day, but that’s ok. You just have to pick yourself up and try again the next day. Start with a small goal like once or twice a week and then when you have made that a habit, try to add on more days.

2. Pray. Even if it’s right before you sleep, when you’re on the go, or in the shower.

Just talk to God like he is your best friend. I promise He is listening. You don’t have to kneel on the floor or even sit somewhere. You can pray in the shower, on the go, or whenever you need to talk to Him. He is the best friend anyone could ask for and He wants to hear from you.

3. Stay in church. Even when it’s hard.

During deployment it’s easy to want to stay home and not go to church. Honestly, I have been there. The excuses go on and on: you don’t want to go without your husband, you don’t want to be social or hear people ask about how the deployment is going, you’re tired, you just want to be left alone. Believe it or not some of the best services were the ones I almost didn’t go to. God wants us to be in His house not only so we can grow, but so we can gain encouragement and be blessed. Don’t skip out because you never know what blessings God might have had for you that day! I know it’s hard but just make a commitment in your mind that you will try to be at as many services as possible. You won’t be sorry.

4. Find someone to get Godly counsel from. During deployment, it’s easy to get depressed or feel sorry for yourself. You get overwhelmed, you are having a hard time coping, and sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Try to find someone you can get godly counsel from. Whether that be just a friend to talk and vent to, or someone to get advice from when you’re not sure what to do. Just make sure it is a godly friend, someone who does not gossip and someone who is not going to put you or others down. Sometimes it’s hard finding a person like this, but they are out there, I know Sonja would be happy to help mentor or counsel you, and I would as well. It doesn’t have to be someone in your hometown or church (even though that is ideal), just someone that you can call when you’re having a bad day and someone you can pray with and be encouraged by.

5. Find a ministry to work in or help someone out.

If you can, get involved at church or even in your community. Find a place where you can use your talents and services to help and encourage others. I promise, when you are helping others, keeping busy, and doing good things, your deployment is going to fly by!

I understand that sometimes people don’t have time to fit in another thing, so if you are already overwhelmed with your load, don’t take something new on. Instead just find a way to encourage someone once a week or once a day. Send a friend a note, or give them a call. Pray with someone who is hurting, or even just tell someone you were thinking of them that day.

When you are ministering to others you are going to find joy.

Before I close, there are two important things I want you to know:

1. God is on your side.

2. You can overcome anything with God’s help.

God is on your side. You need to believe that with all your heart. He is not sitting up there laughing at you, or thinking about what trial to send into your life next. He loves you and wants you to need Him and His help. He’s just waiting for you to take His hand and trust in Him. One of the biggest things that have stuck in my mind is this piece of advice: People are watching to see how you are going to handle this deployment, this trial, and any other trials in your life.

Are you going to show them that God can overcome anything in YOU?

“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.” -James 4:8


About Kathryn

Kathryn is a 25 year old Christian military wife and stay-at-home mom to her 2 year old little boy. When she is not chasing her son around she is an avid blogger. She blogs over at Singing Through the Rain about military life, God, marriage, motherhood, and more!  She loves to read, cook new recipes, and hang out with friends and have lots of girl talk! You can follow Kathryn through her Blog, Facebook & twitter. Kathryn will be posting in our {Military Corner} once to twice a month helping us through our walks with the Lord in the military.

Serving Him With Joy,

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