When Facebook Becomes a Stumbling Block for our Children

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Just this week my son was on his facebook page strolling through his live feed and there were some pictures of his friends that concerned me.

My first thought was to say “What are you looking at son”? However I took a moment to step back, pray and use this as a teaching ground and point my son to Jesus.

Some of you reading may think why does my son have a facebook page anyway? That is a good question and I’ll try to explain:

We are a military family and both of our family members are out of state. We felt this was a good way to keep in touch with our family by posting pictures and status updates. We told our boys that the only way they could have a facebook page was if we were their friends, their pages were private, and only friends from school {which are still moderated and deleted if I see fit}, and they could NOT add anyone they did not know.

I then started asking my son questions since he has both girls and boys from school on his facebook page.

Do you think it is ok that your friend post these kinds of pictures of themselves?

Do you think those kinds of words is ok to be saying?

Why do you think they are posting this kind of stuff?

How does it make you feel to see this?

Do you think they have YOU in mind in causing you to stumble when they post this kind of stuff?

These were just random questions that came to mind to go with what I saw on his page.

The answer he gave me to all the questions was “Mom I just pass over that stuff” or “I just ignore it”.

That was a BIG red flag for mom because my son was MISSING the bigger picture in what the enemy was trying to do.

I then read Matthew 5:29 to him “If your right eye makes you stumble, tear it out and throw it from you; for it is better for you to lose one of the parts of your body, than for your whole body to be thrown into hell”

I softly said, “Son its not about what people are posting, its about them not considering what they are posting could be causing another person, {you}, to stumble”!

I could see a light bulb come on when I said this however I knew he had not even looked at in this way.

It was a great reminder for myself in letting me know that being a Intentional Parent we never are on a break. Our kids need us to be strong for them every minute, second, hour, day, week, month, and year.

Facebook can be a a place that our children can get lost in a fancy world of envy, pride, disrepect if we are not careful to keep them accountable and moderate what is going on on their facebook pages.

Though my son is only 14 and still has a lot of growing to do in the Lord, it is my job to step in, point him to Jesus, and set up the guidelines to help his foundation become STRONG. Even though he doesn’t agree or like what I have chosen to do, I know it is best.

What measures have you taken to point your children to Jesus through the encounters they go through on their facebook page?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

Serving Him Boldly,


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