Teaching Modesty To Our Sons

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Being a mom of 3 boys, I take teaching my sons to keep their gift wrapped up tightly for their future wives, very seriously.

This is a subject that is not talked about hardly at all when it comes to modesty for men. It saddens me, but it is what it is.

Where does it say that teaching modesty is for “girls only”?

Its not about teaching my sons about being modest, its about a deeper issue.

Staying PURE!

Modesty itself is about clothing, staying pure is a mindset!

Proverbs 23:7, it says, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Teaching my sons that it begins with the heart not with the clothes is the starting point. As the above scripture says whatever is thought in your heart will show on the outside.

Having a modest heart is about character and integrity. Its about approaching everything with a faith-filled attitude. Its not trying to fit “in” with the world its about “standing out” in the world in a way that it sends the message of external value of the truth in living as a Godly young man.

Starting with heart is how we teach our sons about modesty. Modeling it in our home is key as well. When they learn that what we do is for the Lord everything else seems to follow.

I am sure your all thinking how in the world can a guy be modest.

What we have done in our home to point to purity is wearing a shirt at all times when out in public. These goes for swimming, playing sports with friends, yard work, anything where other people besides their wife can see them.

In teaching at an early age there is no fuss because it’s the norm to them, starting at a late age comes with much fuss because now they look different then everyone else.

Again this is a heart issue. We tackle why we are covering up. We teach our sons that all your parts are for your future wife. We share this with them:

When receiving a present for your birthday how do you receive it? In a box wrapped up with a nice bow. Its well wrapped, bow is in place, the box looks pretty. What if you received a present that the bow was hanging on slightly and the wrapping paper was all messed up just barely holding the present together?

The first example is how your wife will receive you oneday, a wrapped present, that has been wrapped with care awaiting for the day it will be opened.  Always preparing yourself for her and her alone.

The second example is how your wife will receive you after everyone else has opened you. With no care, acting on your own feelings not caring how she will receive your gift oneday.

When we search out the underline issue of our sons, their heart, can we see that they love God? Do they know the value is in Christ?

Its never about the clothes, its about staying PURE!

What are some ways that you are teaching your sons about modesty? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below on this no so talked about subject.

Serving Him Boldly,


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