Living Life With NO Regrets

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How many times have you heard the saying “Live your life so at the end you wont have any regrets?” 

I heard that a lot growing up however no one really taught me what that meant. It wasn’t until I started homeschooling that I started living my life with NO regrets.

The Lord taught me that our relationships, are so precious and can change in a heart beat.

Embracing each day as if it was your last, is the stance that I have taken on and wow has the Lord truly blessed me.

So how do we live a life with NO REGRETS?

By living a proactive, Godly Christian living, This life style involves doing God’s will, God’s way, for God’s glory. We know we are living and working without regrets when we are fully engaged, alert, alive and enthusiastic about one thing: pleasing God!

We start in prayer with the one who has our days ordained, God. Asking Him to help us to see our relationships through His eyes.

Don’t let words go unspoken.

Say I LOVE YOU a lot.

Be forgiving for everything.

Always take time for your family.

Never leave out without hugs/kisses.


End with more hugs/kisses before bed.

We have found in our home practicing these very things first of all brings tons of joy and keeps our eyes on Jesus.

We talk a lot about Heaven with our children. This helps them come to terms that Heaven is real and at any moment God can call us home.

When we leave the house to travel everyone will give hugs/kisses. We remind them when they act like they don’t want to give hugs/kisses for the one millionth time, this could be the last time we see each other. God may call us home.

We also do this again at night before bed.

Talking a lot about Heaven really brings God into our lives and reminds the kids that God is real and tomorrow is not promised to us.

James 4:14 “Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away”

In the end what really matters?

That God’s grace is greater than all our sins! Living without regrets is living with the clear commitment of doing God’s will, God’s way, for God’s glory.

How do you live life with NO REGRETS in your home? How do you teach your children to life in the moment?

Serving Him Boldly,


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