Finding Contentment Through the Mess

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My sweet friend Meg Hykes, from Homeschoolin Mama ask me to par take in her 31 Days of Thanks plus a HUGE giveaway, I could not pass it up.

It wasn’t until the Lord put on my heart what I was truly thankful for that I knew what I was going to write about. Being content did not come easy for me.

Matter of fact I grow in a home where my mom & dad worked all the time, I raised my younger brothers, didn’t get to do things I wanted because I had to take care of my brothers. Then when I was 15 my life would come to a screeching hault when my mom and dad would get a divorce, scaring me for most of my life.

This took me down a road of thinking I “deserved” better in everything.

That is what I  based my whole life off until I met Jesus in Nov 07.  It was always about me and if it wasn’t I did whatever to make it about me.

He had SO much junk to work through to get me where I am today.

Contentment meant whatever I wanted, how I wanted it and that was that. I was always ready for the next big thing because I deserved it.

Even after finding Jesus in 07 it would take 3 more years until I would truly find out what contentment was.  It’s a road of peace that only comes from our Lord.


It’s a joy that is found deep inside, when we truly realize that we are living for someone else.

When the smoke clears and He is still standing there to show you a life that is for Him and not ones self!

You start to embrace the Life He created just for you and you feel the joy start to over flow you with loving contentment.

It’s a place where there is no worry, no stress, no wanting another life. It’s a freeing peace that carries you through each day bring you to the one you do it all for


Being content through all my mess, was well worth the trip to be able to embrace someone that has a bigger plan for me, then I could have ever imagined for myself.

Do you struggle with being content with the Life He gave you? Would love to hear your thoughts on how He brought you to a life of contentment through your mess!


31 Days of Thanks - Week 2


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His Heart, My Desire,

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