BOY Valentine’s & Decorative Valentine Box

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HAPPY VALENTINE’S everyone! Though the best Valentine we could ever ask for is Jesus we don’t need one day a year to know this.

However with a crafty, active 10 year old boy, I never know what he will come up with.  I love doing crafts with him because for one we get to spend time together and two I get to see his master piece when he is finished.

I am totally in LOVE with Pinterest. I am not a crafty person at all, I can take someone else’s idea and make it my own, but to come up with it on my own, well God did not give me that gene Smile . I found the cutest boy valentines to hand out, even cuter then last years Winking smile , that my son had a great time putting together from Pinterest.




These are so simple to put together that your boy will have a ball doing it.

Rubber bands, smarties, gum, life saver mints, heart stickers.

To assemble: Take the rubber bands through the mints, then add the stick of gum through the rubber band. Then stick the smartie through. Add stickers on top and your all done!

So easy!

Now time for the Valentine Box for all the goodies to go in! Our Homeschool group gave the kids a challenge on who could come up with the most creative Valentine Box. Let just say my son went wild with his imagination.

He made Kia Ninjago Valentine Box. He loves Legos and what a great way to express that with this master piece.



Here is Peyton with the finished product. Looks amazing!  Here is what you will need to complete this project:

Shoe box (we used a boot box), construction paper, tape, clue scissors, heart stickers, markers, yellow acrylic paint, fome ball, square container for the head.  The Valentines will be put into the box through the mouth Smile.

Let their imaginations go wild.

Happy Valentines! Have a great day with your children helping them create their masterpiece!

Serving Him Boldly,


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