Preparing For Teach Them Diligently Conference and What to Bring

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It is finally here, Teach Them Diligently Spartenburg SC. I am so excited I can hardly see straight. Will I see YOU there? There is still time to attend, they have registration at the door $60.

I first heard about this conference last year however I heard about it late and was not able to attend.

Now my family is 2 days from the big event. I personally am looking forward to seeing how God will move in our Homeschooling and family through this event.

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Now what to Bring to a Teach Them Diligently Convention is always a question that gets ask. Here is my list and please leave a comment if I forgot to add something.

One of the most important things is a bag to carry all your things in. The vendors love to load you up with tons of information about their products and a place is needed to store these items. Not to worry though TTD is giving you this beautiful tote bag to carry around when you check in.  Is it not gorgeous?


Phone/Tablet/Ipad/laptop:  what ever works best for you to keep track of all the great information you will be receiving from the speakers. If you are techy savvy you can tweet about the conference and speakers. I would also bring along a notepad incase there is stuff you would rather hand write.  You never know when you will need to snap a picture!

Chargers: This is a necessity to never leave home without. Bringing a cord that you can plug all your devices into at once would be your best bet. This way you don’t miss important pictures, speakers and friends.

Snacks/drinks: I truly am all about saving a dime and bringing as much food that I can so that we don’t have to eat out is a must in our home. Most of the hotels provide a little frig that can be stocked with yummy healthy snacks. Some of my favorites are: mason jar salads, bars, water, trail mix, and plenty of chocolate.

Curriculum list: This is a most. Looking over the vendors BEFORE you arrive will help you go in and stick to exactly what you are looking for. Know in advance just how much you want to spend, take cash out, and stick to your budget. Nothing wrong with finding out info from other vendors. This part can be over whelming because there are a lot of choices out there. Pray about what you are looking for and don’t jump on every curriculum that you come across.

Extra suitcase: I know right your saying extra suitcase, I already have to bring enough. That is right however trust me when I say you will LEAVE WITH MORE THEN YOU CAME WITH. You will be able to take curriculums home with you along with vendors sending you home with info about their products. With long list of amazing vendors you will be heading home with tons. So be prepared with an extra suitcase to bring more stuff home.

Open Mind: Give God plenty of room to work through the conference. He knows your struggles and just what you will need to take away from the conference. You will truly be blessed by each speaker you attend and vendor you visit.

Keep this in Mind at Convention

The speakers you are hearing are real people like us. They are walking out this journey as homeschool families as well and take time to share their walks with us. They all will have lots of great advice.

Ask tons of questions.

Meet as many homeschool families as you can. This will bless you more then you will know. With Facebook  you can get encouraged long passed the conference. Nothing like meeting other like minded families to walk this journey together. Remember we are all on the same team!

Pray and ask the Lord to prepare your heart to hear what He has for your homeschool. This journey has lots of ups and downs however God is in control. Seeking Him through it all helps us to see the reward oneday.

I hope to see you Spartenburg SC this weekend. If you are unable to attend there, 2 more amazing events will be coming to Nashville TN and Omaha NE. If you can’t get to any of these you can head to the Marketplaces.

Would love to hear how God worked through any one of the conferences. Please stop back by and share your thoughts!

Have a great time!

Serving Him Boldly,

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