Real Life Homeschooling: From Our Backyard

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Real Life Homeschooling

One of my most favorite things about homeschooling my son, Peyton, is that he can learn whatever he wants. We have the world as our classroom. The learning that goes on in our backyard is beyond anything he could get from just sitting at a desk all day.  The memories, the bonding, the experiences that come from our backyard, I would not trade for anything in this world.

This year in our homeschool we decided to raise some backyard chickens, 12 to be exact. We did lose two through out the year. In doing so, there were a lot of responsibilities that came with raising chicks. Building a place for them to live, roost and lay eggs.  Getting our two dogs use to the fact that there will be others joining them in the backyard. Feeding, watering and most of loving our new additions.

First thing we did was get tons of books from the library on raising chicks and learning their behaviors. They truly are amazing to watch in action. We learn in the first weeks of life they sleep a lot, eat a lot , drink a lot and poop. They do a lot of preening, and bonding. They don’t start laying eggs for about 4-6 months. Not able to tell if they are hens or roosters until they get a few months old. Some you can tell are roosters and some you can not until they start to get their voice for crowing. There is always a dominant one in the group. They love to come out of the coop first thing in the morning, and peck at the ground all day until night fall.  Then as they all head back to the coop for sleep all 10 try getting on the top bar to roost. It truly is something to watch them huddle together on that little bar.

We also put in a garden this year. Stocked with tomatoes, peppers, sweet peppers, broccoli, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini. Our attempt at strawberries failed yet again this year. We learned how much soil would be  needed for three garden boxes. How to plant each vegetable. When the tomatoes plants got high enough, we learned how to tie them off, along with breaking the extra vines so the tomatoes had breathing room to grow. Watering often if there was not enough rain. We also put together a worm compost system for the garden. What an experience that has been.

Last but not least we put in a fire pit. This has been a joy stacked with many many memories. To how far it has to be from the house, to how deep, to how many bricks it would take to make the size we wanted.

The time and bonding that has taken place with each of these fun activities has been amazing. Lots of questions, lots of growing and most of all the memories that we as a family have shared.

No matter what we surround our selves with, there is something to be learned, even a backyard can be a fun place to learn.


What are some fun places around your home that you are using for learning? Would love to hear about them in the comments. Would love for you to join us for Real Life Homeschooling Link Up! Share your link below!

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