Finding Truth at the Creation Museum

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Creation MuseumOne of my favorite places to visit to grow in my faith is the Creation Museum. I truly learn more every time I visit. I had the honor of attending again earlier this month with some friends. I am always blessed after my time there. My family visited last year and we had an amaze time. My oldest son, who is not a believer attended with us, and I could truly see the Lord working with every step through the museum.

With everything going on in our world today, the museum helps make the scriptures more and more clear.

It takes us through Biblical History the way it might have looked when God created everything. Each room is explained in great details with many pictures and life like statues to help us visualize our walk through the scriptures. Walking in with many questions, coming out with many answers.

Finding Truth in the Creation Museum

What can you expect from your time at the Creation Museum?

That the truth from Gods word will be shared with you through out the whole museum. I would encourage you to schedule two full days, as this gives you plenty of time to to get through each section without rushing. Take as much time as needed, to walk through the museum so that you don’t miss any piece of Gods word. You will be challenged with what you have been taught to what the truth is. Write down a list of questions that you are unsure of, look for the answers as you visit each sections of the museum.

Creation Museum5

Besides the museum itself there are many other places for you to visit. One is the new Zip Lines and Canopy Adventure Tours. These were not op en when I visited so I was unable to enjoy the fun that each would bring! However checking out all the pictures it looks like tons of fun!

botanical gardens

One of my most favorites places at the Creation Museum is the Botanical Gardens. Gods beauty shines bright through the whole garden. You will see Water Features, Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden,¬† Rainforest Garden, Carnivorous Bog Garden, Koi Pond, Swinging Bridges. Don’t be surprised if God shows up through your walk through this amazing garden.

DO NOT miss the Theater Presentations, another favorite of mine. View 6 days creation, Men in White and Stargazer’s Planetarium which takes you through the solar system¬† beyond the Milky Way!

Visit with an open mind to what you have been taught and come out fulfilled with tons of Gods truth. To see the bible in life form right in front of your eyes truly is an awesome experience. I know you will be forever changed whether you have been walking with God for a few days or many years, there is still so much to learn and take in.

creation museum10

Does your family planning on visiting anytime soon?

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